Lacey Chabert, Alison Sweeney, And Autumn Reeser Are Back In "The Wedding Veil Expectations"

Lacey Chabert tells us all about the first of three new movies in the popular Hallmark franchise.

Ali Sweeney, Lacey Chabert, Autumn Reeser

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Last year Hallmark gave viewers something brand new: A trilogy of films that were connected stories rooted in female friendship. The leaders in all things feel-good TV have started off 2023 with a bang. Not only are we getting a sequel to the trilogy of The Wedding Veil films, we are getting a sequel trilogy. Three brand new movies starring Lacey Chabert, Alison Sweeney, and Autumn Reeser kick off with The Wedding Veil Expectations, premiering January 7. 

Star Lacey Chabert recently chatted with Southern Living about getting to continue to tell Avery’s story. “I was so glad that we got the chance to continue the stories because oftentimes the movies end with that first kiss or the characters falling in love and we see their wedding very quickly. And audiences and myself included, always want to know, well what happened to them in their relationship once they were in love? I want to see that. And so it’s a rare occurrence that we get to, so I was thrilled they let us do another trilogy.”

We pick up in this first movie of this new series with Avery (Chabert) and Peter (Kevin McGarry) navigating life as newlyweds. The couple are in the midst of a renovation on the historic home they purchased while balancing career and their relationship. “We’re a married couple now and we had conversations about real life things. And we’re renovating this house together and Avery has this awesome surprise that she’s really excited to share with Peter. They’re excited to start a family together. And it’s the complications and stresses that come with that and making big decisions. It’s all very real. But of course always under the Hallmark banner of everything being centered in love and goodness,” Chabert said, adding “It’s a different pace in this movie. There isn’t the meet-cute. We aren’t watching characters fall in love. We’re watching characters deeper in love.”

Eagle-eyed fans of Chabert may notice something of an Easter egg sprinkled throughout this film. Several times we will see Avery in pajamas and she’s wearing pieces from her real-life clothing line with HSN. You can shop the looks and get Avery’s pajamas for yourself here

But beyond the love story, The Wedding Veil Expectations also continues telling the story of the friendship between the three lead women of this series. “At the heart of it, it really is about the relationship between the three women and how they support each other through these new phases of life. Now that they’re all married they still find themselves having to make big decisions about what’s next in their careers, whether or not they are starting a family, and what they want for themselves and it is different from each other. We see them show up for each other repeatedly. Time after time, drop everything and be there in any way that they need each other. They’re really like sisters,” the Mississippi native explained. 

The three films in this series are now complete. Production wrapped on the last one late in 2022, and the last movie took the cast on location to Greece and Bulgaria. Chabert explained how life imitated art over the span of filming these six movies. “For us, Autumn, Ali, and I, making these movies together, going on these adventures, getting to film all over the world, it really has been such a joy. And I’ve gotten to know them better as women and mothers and actresses that I respect so much. And we have such fun memories from making these six movies. And it’s something that I’m really grateful for.”

She also acknowledges that the fans play such a vital role in what they do. “I have to say thank you to all of the fans. I don’t think there are more loyal fans than Hallmark fans. We appreciate the support so much. And it’s because so many people tuned in for the first round and supported us and got excited about The Wedding Veil that it was positively received, it was because of all of that support that we got the chance to do this again.”

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