Lacey Chabert Wants To Make A Hallmark Movie That Tells “A Real Southern Story”

The Mississippi native said she dreams of filming a movie “centered around Southern characters in a 'Steel Magnolias' kind of way.”

Even with more than 30 Hallmark movies under her belt, there’s still one feel-good story Lacey Chabert still hasn’t told. 

In a recent conversation with Vulture about her long running relationship with the network,  Chabert was asked about the “dream Hallmark project” she has yet to accomplish… and her answer was music to our ears. 

Lacey Chabert

Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

"I’m from Purvis, Mississippi, and it’s a small town,” the actress shared in the December interview. “I think about how everyone in that town supported me when I was a kid when my family moved to New York and I started in the business.” 

“It’s been a longtime dream of mine to tell a real Southern story where we have accents and everything,” Chabert continued, noting that she used to have a “very thick Southern accent” that has since faded. 

As for her “dream project” for Hallmark, she said she has a few different ideas. But one stands out. 

“My favorite [idea] is a story centered around Southern characters in a Steel Magnolias kind of way, which is one of my favorite movies,” Chabert said. “Depicting the culture of living in the South and growing up there and film it in Purvis.”

Genius, Lacey, genius!! 

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