Four Popular Southern-Inspired Doughnuts Are Back At Krispy Kreme

Fan-favorites, including the Banana Pudding Doughnut, are back in stores for a limited time.

Krispy Kreme Fan Favs Doughnut Lineup

Krispy Kreme

Limited edition doughnuts always seem to leave their glass bakery cases too quickly—staying just long enough to leave a “When will they be back?” sense of heartache in their wake. North Carolina-based Krispy Kreme, beloved doughnut chain and notable inventor of the fresh-off-the-line Hot Light, has come up with a better solution.

“Let’s give ‘em what they want,” Krispy Kreme’s Global Chief Brand Officer, Dave Skena, announced. It is, after all, what the people want: the return of four gourmet, fan-favorite doughnut combinations making their way back to stores this month in a new “Fan Favs” collection.

Krispy Kreme Fan Favs Doughnuts In Box

Krispy Kreme

All four top-selling treats deserve the encore they’ve been granted, with classic, nostalgic Southern flavors that remind us of the best part of church potlucks: the dessert spread. The Fan Favs roster includes:

  • Banana Pudding Doughnut
    It may not be your prize-winning banana pudding recipe, but this fluffy yeast doughnut is every bit as delicious as it sounds. The Banana Pudding Doughnut is filled with Krispy Kreme’s own secret Banana Pudding Kreme recipe, dipped in icing, dolled-up with a swirl of Kreme, and finished with vanilla wafer cookies.

  • Chocolate Kreme Pie Doughnut
    We won’t be sharing slices of this dreamy yeast doughnut, which is filled with Chocolate Custard Kreme, dipped in chocolate icing, dolloped with more Kreme (just as a chocolate cream pie should be, mind you), and sprinkled with mini chocolate chips.

  • Key Lime Pie Doughnut
    If you love citrus, you’ll want to try this zesty Key Lime Kreme-filled yeast doughnut—a pastry that tastes like summer in the South. The Key Lime Pie Doughnut is dipped in green icing and graced with a smattering of graham cracker crumb pieces.

  • Strawberries & Kreme Doughnut
    If we can’t have a Strawberry Pretzel Icebox Pie-flavored doughnut, we suppose a pretty-in-pink dessert is the next-best thing. Packed with Strawberry & Kreme filling, this yeast doughnut is dunked in strawberry icing and piped with white swirls.

The Fan Favs lineup is available now for a limited time at participating stores across the U.S., but you’ll want to act quickly before we wave goodbye once more. Find your local Krispy Kreme at or start planning a road trip around the Krispy Kreme Hot Light to snag these best-selling flavors.

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