Lodge 3.6 Quart Cast Iron Casserole Pan. Red Enamel Cast Iron Casserole Dish

Lodge's Wildly Popular Cast Iron Casserole Dutch Oven Is on Sale for $70

Make crispy potatoes, savory pies, and even eggs in a snap.
By Sanah Faroke
August 06, 2021
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Using cast iron cookware in the kitchen is the foundation for a meal cooked to perfection. The durable material sears, simmmers, and fries comfort food that's delicious. And if you're ready to bring that incredible taste to your home-cooked meals, look no further than the ever-popular Lodge Enameled Cast Iron Casserole Dutch Oven that "works like a charm" and is on sale for $70.

With the Amazon best-seller, you can make just about anything from chili, soups, and savory pies to seared veggies, eggs, and crispy potatoes "in a snap." The versatile cooking dish works over the stovetop (even on induction) and in the oven for up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Yes, one-pot cooking is possible with this pick. 

BUY IT: $69.90 (orig. $90); amazon.com  

While you may have used non-stick pots and pans, nothing compares to this cast iron Dutch oven. In this enamel casserole, a pad of butter or some oil goes a long way to give you a non-stick surface that's "nothing less than exceptional," according to reviewers who use it multiple times a week. The cast iron base provides even heat distribution to ensure that your meats and vegetables are thoroughly cooked. It even retains heat for long periods of time, keeping meals hot and ready to serve straight from the oven. 

Shoppers confirm that unlike traditional cast iron cookware, this enamel one doesn't require seasoning with lard or cooked-on oils. It's just another reason why it's so easy to clean. Without said seasoning, this smooth enamel pick gets the green light for heavy-duty cleaning with yes, soap and water. People even put it in the dishwasher when caked on food is too much of a hassle. 

"I have a good old-fashioned pan and Dutch oven. However, I grew tired of having to clean them after each use along with all the other stuff I have to do to them on occasion (seasoning), writes an Amazon shopper. "So I thought I'd invest in an enameled cast iron dish and I LOVE IT! It is easier to clean and I even opted out of cleaning it after using it to cook dinner one time. The next day I cleaned it and it looked as good as new... It's my new go-to pan."

"This is just an all around workhorse," writes another Amazon. "I have one Le Creuset that I paid over three times for, and I would pick Lodge over it hands down. It maintains level heat and is easy to clean even when you think 'that's going to be baked on for sure.' You can't go wrong."

If you're ready to get quality results at a great price, get the Lodge Cast Iron Casserole Dutch Oven while it's 22 percent off on Amazon.