Let’s be honest – it’s super frustrating to drop a huge chunk of cash on fresh groceries only to have them spoil before getting the chance to enjoy the food. These 5 items will help make your groceries last longer, and they are all under $15! This apple may not keep the doctor away, but it will surely keep your produce fresh. Putting a Bluapple in your refrigerator will help absorb ethylene gas, which causes food to go bad. They last for three months, and you can get two for only $10. Place a sheet of FreshPaper with your fruits and vegetables, and they will last four times longer because the paper prevents bacterial and fungal growth. Mold, be gone! Keep your bread lasting longer with an adjustable bread keeper; the air vents allow the perfect amount of ventilation. Be sure your groceries are sealed airtight with an affordable vacuum container; it keeps produce from oxidizing. Never worry about preparing your salad too early again, and snag a Salad Sac. This nifty absorbent cotton bag helps lettuce last longer by soaking up excess moisture. Pick up these awesome items to preserve your groceries and your bank account. 

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