Corn Stripper Tool

This $8 Corn-Stripping Tool Would've Saved My Grandmother Hours of Time During Sweet Corn Season

Fresh creamed corn simply can’t be beat.
By Kaitlyn Yarborough
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For anyone who has memories reminiscent of being hauled over to your grandmother's house the minute in-season sweet corn hit the farm stands in order to help shuck and cut the kernels from literally dozens of raw corn cobs every year—like I do!—you know the true elbow grease that goes into a big homemade pot of fresh creamed corn. You also know that there's almost nothing that can outshine that sweet, buttery taste, especially after having a hand in making it. It became a rare special occasion in my family, due to the sheer amount of work and prep time it requires. My grandmother was extra strict about making sure there were zero silky threads left in the pot and more than enough creamed corn to feed our big crowd. 

Fast-forward to recently, when I came across the one kitchen tool that could have cut down the hours spent painstakingly shucking and stripping corn from the cobs at my grandmother's house. Back then, it took an army of us (okay, maybe five of us) to get the job done. Had Amazon's shopper-favorite Chef'n Cob Corn Stripper existed, who knows how many ears of corn we could've gotten through. Think of all that creamed corn potential—lost!

Corn Stripper Tool
Credit: Amazon

The kitchen tool, also known as a corn peeler, makes it easy to totally strip a corn cob of all of its kernels in just one smooth twisting-pulling motion and in just seconds. Compared to doing it all by hand with just a skinny knife, it's a game-changer to say the least. And considering it's only $8? A necessity. Everything from dreamy creamed corn to fluffy whipped corn salad is about to be fair game. Check out these corn recipes to get plenty of inspiration for using your new toy.

I, for one, am excited to present this gift to my grandmother this spring, with eyes on early summer when in-season sweet corn finally becomes available at her favorite farm stand. Will realizing that she's been doing it the hard way for literal decades inspire the tiniest bit of granny rage? Perhaps. Will she refuse to use it for tradition's sake? Maybe. But those are risks I'm willing to take for one of her luscious pots of fresh creamed corn. Shop the corn-stripping tool below. 

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Corn Stripper Tool
Credit: Amazon

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