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We Found a $14 Butter-Spreading Tool That Finally Makes It Easy To Spread Cold Butter Whenever You Want

No more waiting for butter to soften.
By Kaitlyn Yarborough
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It should go without saying, but butter is the hands-down best ingredient in existence. We'll be taking no arguments. It's the MVP. The backbone of Southern cooking. From flaky buttermilk biscuits to golden skillet cornbread to fluffy pound cake, it's not a coincidence that many of our all-time classic recipes call for a hefty amount of the stuff. Julia Child even heralded that one could never, ever have too much butter, and we trust her judgment. Basically, butter's awesome. 

What's not so awesome? When the only thing that your slice of toast, piping-hot pancake, or plain Saltine cracker (if you know, you know) needs is a slathering of butter, and you find out the sad way that your butter is too cold and too hard to spread. Meh. It ends up cracking your Saltine in half or making that fresh pancake and toast crumb up in a most unfortunate way. Because the only other option would be to wait for it to naturally soften, and that would require patience. Not that we're disparaging cold butter, which tastes so creamy and delicious in its own right. It's just not always ideal.

Butter Spreader Knife
Credit: Amazon

Turns out, the cold butter crisis is a common issue for many. So much so that people have turned to an unexpected Amazon kitchen tool to alleviate the problem at once. Meet the Butter Spreader, your new favorite gadget that finally makes cold butter super easy to spread whenever you want—and on whatever you want. Costing less than $15 and garnering nearly 2,500 reviews, it's the smartest thing we've gotten all year. 

Made from stainless steel, this butter spreader uses small slotted holes on the blade to curl up butter from the stick. Besides the slots, it's shaped like a traditional butter knife, therefore it can be used for normal spreads like jams and jellies, as well as cheese. That means you're not clogging up your kitchen cabinets with yet another item that has only one specific use. Use it for regular butter knife tasks, as well as for when that piece of toast needs a coating of cold butter. 

Shop the genius butter-spreading tool below. 

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Butter Spreader Knife
Credit: Amazon

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