Use this $15 pin and you'll be rolling like a pro.

By Southern Living Editors
August 23, 2019
Credit: © Sarah Karnasiewicz

From a fancy marble cylinder to a wine bottle, there's more than one way to roll out your dough. And while you might be used to seeing your grandmother lug out a giant spinning, ceramic one with wooden ends, it turns out the best rolling pin is actually the simplest.

The French rolling pin is truly free of bells and whistles. You might have seen rolling pins that allow you to freeze water inside them or others that are made from fancy materials that claim to keep dough cold, but this tapered dowel has all the capabilities you need to make the flakiest pie dough and best biscuits.

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Since a French rolling pin is thin and doesn't have any ball bearings that make it spin when you push it across your dough, you're able to roll out a more even thickness. And because flour sticks to it, you won't have any of your pie crust flaking off onto the pin.

And because it's super lightweight, it also means you can roll your dough out quickly and efficiently, and that means your dough won't have a chance to reach room temperature. You can even loosely hang your crust around the pin and lift it over the pie plate to make a perfect transfer.

Which one is our favorite? We tend to recommend this $15 American-made model on But don't just it for baking. Pound chicken cutlets thin (while concealed in plastic wrap of course) or use it to crush cracker crumbs in a zip-top bag.