“Yellowstone” Star Kevin Costner Has A New Docuseries All About The Wild West Coming Soon

“I am in love with history. I love the rich, heroic and harrowing stories of the West."

Kevin Costner’s love of the cowboy life is pretty apparent to anyone who has watched Yellowstone (so pretty much everyone). Now, the actor is set to host and executive produce a new eight-part documentary series for The History Channel that will explore the myths that surround the so-called Wild West. 

The show, which currently has the working title of Kevin Costner's The West, will take a deep dive into the past, the people who were there when the West was won, and the clichés and legends that surround them. While Costner is an expert in acting in a modern Western, viewers won’t have to take his word for it. The series will be executive produced by renowned Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Doris Kearns Goodwin, author of books like Team of Rivals and No Ordinary Time, which any history buff will recognize. With that dynamic duo at the helm, the show promises to feature perspectives on the past that, per a press release, “capture the spirit of opportunity, adventure and peril through the diverse, complex characters and untold stories that defined the era and continue to shape our country today.”

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The series is a dream come true for Costner. “I am in love with history. I love the rich, heroic and harrowing stories of the West. The people and their stories have always held a fascination for me, but there’s an urgency today to put those times and the men and women who we think we know in perspective, in the context of their times, without judgment,” Costner said in a statement. “This particular West project is significant for me as it marks a return to The History Channel, the home of my first foray into television with the Hatfields & McCoys, and an opportunity to partner with the legendary biographer and historian Doris Kearns Goodwin, who so artfully weaves together important stories that are at once expansive, intimate and true.”

“Kevin Costner’s body of work on the American West has defined him as one of the finest storytellers of this genre and of our time,” added Goodwin in a statement. 

Kevin Costner’s The West doesn’t have a premiere date yet, so keep an out for the show (when you’re not watching Yellowstone and its spin-offs, or Costner’s Yellowstone National Park tribute series, set to help celebrate the Park’s 150th anniversary.

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