Saddle up your thoroughbreds, folks! Southerners take the Kentucky Derby very seriously. Even if we can't attend the iconic event in May at Churchill Downs, we love to dress up with big hats and take advantage of mint juleps. It's also quite common to have Kentucky Derby parties in May to commemorate Louisville's horse race, so we've got a Derby dessert recipe that you'll want to serve to guests. These delicious Triple Crown Cupcakes celebrate the Kentucky Derby in the best way possible – with adorable Nutter Butter horses on chocolate-frosted cupcakes. This cute food craft is perfect to add to the menu for your Derby party, and can be thrown together in very little time. Plus, kids will love helping add the horse faces, eyes, bridles, and peanut ears to the horse cupcakes. The first step to your Triple Crown Cupcakes is to frost vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting. This will be the base for your horses. If you're short on time, you may want to have premade cupcakes ordered in advance – or use a cake mix to speed up the process. We do know with certainty, though, that Mama's yellow cake recipe is the best one for the job if you can make the dessert from scratch.

Once you've got your cupcakes cooled, frosted, and ready to go – start preparing your horse faces. These horse cookies are made with full Nutter Butter cookie sandwiches. You can also split the Nutter Butter in half and scrape out the peanut butter frosting inside (but, we're not sure why you'd want to remove that!) if you're looking to cut down on the sweetness. On the peanut butter cookies, use vanilla frosting (melted white chocolate will also work) to attach the candy eyes to the front of your horse's face. Then, using black gel icing (or, melted semisweet chocolate chips), give your horse some hair above its eyes, two small dots for a nose, and a sideways smile. Using red gel icing, craft a bridle for your horse. We did this by making a slightly half-moon shape above the nose, and then lining the side of the cookie with red gel icing. Once your horse's face is ready to go, add the Nutter Butter gently to the frosted cupcake, pushing down gently so that the cookie adheres to the frosting. When you're preparing your cupcakes, it's much easier to frost the cupcakes first, and then prepare all of the horse cookies in one fell swoop. Once you've added your cookies to your Triple Crown Cupcakes, add peanut ears – made with half of a peanut on either side. If you've got a peanut allergy, you could try using another nut, like an almond sliver, or swap in two yellow M&Ms. Serve up a plate of these Triple Crown Cupcakes to rave reviews from guests – we guarantee it!

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