New Joanna Gaines & KILZ Paint Line Has Sweet Nod To Designer’s Grandmother

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If you’ve been watching Fixer Upper: The Castle, you know this season is dedicated to one project, and one unlike anything Chip and Jo have ever taken on before. “When we said yes to this project, when I stepped up the first day, I was like I’m about to go to school. This thing is going to teach me some stuff because we’ve never done anything like this,” Joanna Gaines recently  told Southern Living.

 The special series airing now on Magnolia Network, HBO Max, and discovery + focuses on the renovation of a Waco landmark. Known to locals as the Cottonland Castle, the original construction was completed in 1913. The home had been vacant for many years and had fallen into a state of disrepair. Chip Gaines tried to purchase the Castle many times over the last twenty years and finally was able to do it. Once the property was in the very capable hands of the home reno dynamic duo, it was time for Joanna to get to work on a plan for the design.

 “For me, the process was deeply intentional from the beginning,” Gaines told us. “We met with a historian about the house. He told us all the stories about the family and what they did in each room. So that really spoke to what we did in each space because I wanted to bring that back.” 

After the spaces were once again defined by their intended functions, Gaines then began the process of choosing paint colors. She asked herself what was the story she wanted to tell with paint color in each room. “I’ve never really worked with paint like that before where each space is like ok I want the space to feel like this, let’s go find the color. Let’s go create the vibe or this feeling in each space.” This is where the idea for the Castle Collection, a new paint palette from Magnolia Home and KILZ, was born. The selection curated by Gaines is made up of “ ten distinctively classic colors including a beautiful range of warm neutrals to moody accents, inspired by the historic castle restoration project,” as stated in a press release. 

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“Yes, the castle is what inspired this collection, but I can see these colors in so many different ages of homes. It doesn’t have to be an old, historic home for these colors to work and I just feel like we are moving into a time where people are just craving more storied and saturated colors. Just because it feels more intentional, maybe. When you’re in the space, it feels like an embrace,” Gaines told us. 

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The story that inspired one of the hues in this collection is a personal one for Gaines. Rosy Pink was created as an homage to Gaines’ grandmother, Agnes Rose. “She was the most gentle soul but so femine and beautiful. There was just something about her when she would step into a space, her presence was just so graceful but also powerful.” With the memory of her grandmother on her mind, Gaines decided on this “subtle, vintage pink.” She said she wanted a pink that wasn’t too girlie, and could work for anyone at any age. A classic. 

You can check out Rosy Pink, Drawing Room, a gray tone Gaines named after one of her favorite rooms in the house, and all of her other picks for the Castle Collection here. The collection is now available in interior, exterior, chalk and cabinet paint offerings at Ace Hardware and, and in chalk and cabinet paint offerings at Lowe’s.

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