Jared Padalecki And Wife Genevieve Chose "Slower Pace" Of Texas Over Los Angeles

The former "Gilmore Girls" star’s family of five is thriving in Austin.

Jared Padalecki

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Jared Padalecki and his wife Genevieve belong to a growing number of celebrities who decided to trade in their Hollywood digs to raise their families in the South

The Padaleckis, who met on the set of the cult TV show Supernatural, currently reside in Austin with their three children and three dogs. The couple relocated from Los Angeles to the Texas capital in 2010, and purchased their current home in 2012—long before Covid pushed a wave of stars from California to Texas.

In a 2021 home tour for Architectural Digest, Jared and Genevieve said they gravitated toward Texas because of its “slower pace.” With Los Angeles in their rearview mirror, they have spent the past decade transforming what was once a cavernous farmhouse into a cozy retreat complete with a vegetable garden, chicken coop, and four bee colonies. 

When it comes to life in Austin, Jared, a San Antonio native, shares a similar mindset to another famous resident of the quirky Texas city: Matthew McConaughey. The former Gilmore Girls star agrees that, despite the recent bandwagon phenomenon, Austin isn’t for everyone.  

“I think if you get to Austin and you don’t decide to go the Austin speed limit, then you probably won’t last here,” Jared told AD. “There is something very specific about the town.”

Genevieve recalled the couple’s decision to make a home 1,300 miles from Hollywood in a recent interview with Tribeza.

“We thrive here,” she explained. “When Jared and I were dating, we’d come to Austin for family gatherings, for fun. It was a blossoming city, alive with ideas, and once we got pregnant we knew it was the home for us. I was almost looking for excuses not to come here, since my family is in the mountains of Idaho… but I couldn’t come up with a single excuse. I couldn’t!” 

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