Entertainment as easy as 1-2-3.

We're always on the hunt for family-friendly crafts, and this inexpensive bird feeder (inspired by DIYer Practically Functional) tops our list as one of the easiest and most creative projects to tackle with kiddos of all ages. Sure, it gets a little messy, but the final result is worth it, as it gives you and your little ones the chance to enjoy another screen-free activity together: birdwatching in the backyard!

What you’ll need to make the bird feeder:

Toilet paper roll (paper towel rolls also work well; just cut them in half)

Smooth peanut butter

Bird seed

Yarn or String

How to make a bird feeder with a toilet paper roll:

Spread a layer of creamy peanut butter onto a clean toilet paper roll (or a paper towel roll, cut in half). Pour bird seed onto a plate, then roll the peanut butter-covered tube through the seed so that it's entirely covered. Then, cut a piece of string or yarn (consider where you are hanging the bird feeder to determine the length), loop it through the toilet paper roll, and tie it into a knot. Hang on a post on your back porch or a tree branch in the yard, and you've got your very own makeshift bird feeder. Sit back, relax, and wait for your feathery friends to join in on the fun.

Also, if your outdoor space allows, you can make multiple bird feeders, then hang them in different areas around your yard or even on your porch so that your novice birdwatchers have a variety of vantage points to catch their neighborhood wildlife in action.

Why we love this craft:

It's incredibly easy and inexpensive, and you likely already have everything you'll need to make it at home. Plus, unlike many crafts, this project doesn't leave you with a stack of half-finished artwork that you have to find a home for. Once the bird seed is gone, you can toss it in the trash, no harm, no foul … or fowl.