The super simple craft that's here to save your day.

Skip the pricey, store-bought superhero costumes. Whether it's for a Halloween costume or just general heroics around the house, treat your small superheroes to the most Marvel-ous (see what we did there?) accessories in the neighborhood.

What you'll need to make a homemade superhero cuff:

Toilet paper roll (paper towel rolls also work well)

Non-toxic paint




Construction paper, foam shapes, glitter, self-adhesive gemstones, or stickers

How to make the superhero cuff:

First, paint your toilet paper or paper towel roll in your child's color of choice. Once dry, determine the desired width of the cuff and cut horizontally. Then, cut the painted roll vertically to create a slit (wide enough to allow your child to slide on the cuff, narrow enough that it won't fall off), rounding the edges at the top and bottom for a more classic superhero look. Then, it's time to decorate the cuff. The options are limited only to your tiny hero's imagination (and what you're willing to clean up): Dust it in glitter; stick on 3D stickers or plastic gemstones; glue on shapes cut from foam or construction paper. Operation: Superhero Cuff, complete!

Why we love this craft:

While store-bought, branded superhero costume pieces can be pricey, these cuffs are about as budget-friendly as they come, and you've likely got everything you need to make them on-hand. Making the cuffs doesn't require a major investment of time either: Just like your children's favorite cape-wearing men and women, you'll be able to pull together this craft in a flash. Plus, the cuffs are totally customizable to your kids; they can decorate them as much or as little as they like. And hey—we won't judge if moms and dads want to get in on the cuff-crafting action for themselves. You've already earned superhero status in our book.