Seashell-Shaped Decor Is Here To Bring A Beach Vacation to Your Living Room

Ceramic Simple Shell Vase

If you're having flashbacks to the shell-patterned fabrics of your 1980s beach rental, we get it. There's something about scalloped edges in home décor that brings back memories (and strong opinions) of our beachfront past. Divisive or not, take one peek on Pinterest, and it's clear to see what's old is new again. In fact, seashell-shaped designs are one of the top décor trends for 2020 according to Etsy.

Today's trending seashell décor isn't just for coastline homes. With a more modern, ocean-inspired interpretation than decades past, these chic designs are destined for inland rooms. Unlike the '80s, today's decorators often style them solo as an unexpected accent. This let's their eclectic flare shine while avoiding the slippery slope that is accidentally turning your living room into a beach (sans sand) one anchor or conch shell at a time.

Ready to bring this playful trend into today's millennia? Here are a few of our favorite seashell-shaped home décor pieces that are sure to make a splash.

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Seashell Accent Lamp

Seashell Accent Lamp

BUY IT: $98,

Scalloped has never looked so sophisticated. In this design, a gold base and handcrafted capiz body mixes elegant materials with playful style.

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Ceramic Simple Shell Vase

Ceramic Simple Shell Vase

BUY IT: $67.02,

These sculpted vases in vintage, eye-catching colors are reminiscent of '80s style with modern-day Art Deco flair.

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Margo Seashell Catch-All Dish

Margo Seashell Catch-All Dish

BUY IT: $14,

Soft blue-and-white swirls add a soothing touch to this small catch-all, perfect for jewelry.

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Glass Seashell Mirror

SZKLO Glass Seashell Mirror

BUY IT: $195,

This accent mirror is sure to grab attention. Sleek and modern, this minimalist mirror is a fit for foyers and bathrooms alike.

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Velvet Shell Pillow

Velvet Shell Pillow

BUY IT: $47.78,

Decorative pillows just might be our favorite way to add a trend to a room. Plus, it's plush and pink. Win win.

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Shell Incense Jewelry Dish

Shell incense jewelry dish

BUY IT: $34.71,

Bring beachside relaxation to your everyday life with seashell style. This incense holder also dabbles as a jewelry dish.

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Shell Chair

Shell Chair

BUY IT: $549,

Take your seashell statement sitting down in this scalloped-back sitting chair.

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Gold Table Lamp

Gold Table Lamp with Shell Base

BUY IT: $199 (on sale from $222.99),

Swap a bowl of seashells for a lamp on your side table to modernize your seaside vibe.

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Metal Shell Wall Hook

Metal Shell Wall Hook

BUY IT: $12,

Hang it up in style with wall hooks that were made for beach bags, sun hats, and everything in between.

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Shell-shaped Mirror

Shell-shaped Mirror

BUY IT: $15.99,

Golden edges give this small, shell-shaped mirror serious retro-style.

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