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Summer is finally setting in, and, at my house, backyard entertaining is in full swing! I have been dreaming up outdoor decorations for the past few weeks to spruce up our deck and create a welcoming environment for guests. Mason jars have always been a favorite tool for cooking, crafting, and decorating, but I think this Mason Jar Chandelier is probably one of my simplest and favorite creations!


The Project: Outdoor Mason Jar Chandelier

Level: Easy

Materials: 4 Mason jars with lids Sand 4 tea lights 4 wide-mouth frog lid inserts 1/4-inch thick twisted rope Twine Scissors S Hook


1. Cut two 3-foot pieces of rope. Lay pieces side-by-side and fold in half, creating a 3-inch-long loop at the bottom.

2. Use the twine to tie a knot around the rope to secure the loop. Wrap the twine around the knot until it is about 1 inch thick. Then, tie off the end.


3. You now have 4 hanging ropes. Cut 5 inches off the end of one rope end, 3 inches off the end of another rope and 2 inches off the end of the third rope. Each of the 4 ropes will now be a different length.


4. Add the frog lid inserts into the lids of the mason jars.

5. Loop the rope through the grates and tie off with twine, like you did for the main loop. Repeat for the other three.


6. Fill each mason jar with about 2 inches of sand and insert a tea light (don't use any larger of a candle for safety reasons). Screw the lids onto the jars.

7. Hang the chandelier from the loop you created at the top using the S Hook.

Tip: You can create a larger chandelier by adding additional pieces of rope in step 1. Make sure each rope length is slightly different to create a cascading chandelier. If you are increasing the number of pieces, increase the size of the twine wrap and knot in step 2.