Looking for an adorable addition to your fall décor? Pomanders are the perfect choice. The festive and fragrant clove-studded oranges make a great table centerpiece for any holiday party or fall occasion. Not only are they a gorgeous decoration, but pomanders are also a natural air freshener! The combination of cloves, whole oranges, and jute twine creates a fresh and charming fall decoration. Pomanders are fun and easy to make; you’ll only need a few items, and it is a great craft for the family to do together. Use the cloves to make interesting patterns in the oranges, and make sure to tie the twine in a pretty bow for a delightful finish. Put the clove-studded oranges and the twine-wrapped oranges in a wooden bowl for a more rustic look. You can also add in fresh herbs to really make the oranges pop! This stunning fall embellishment is sure to impress all of your holiday party guests.

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