It may be too early to bust out the festive Christmas wreaths (we’re counting down, too), but now’s the perfect season to adorn your front door with a gorgeous floral garland. And it’s easier than you think. Here, we pulled together a simple ring of prettiness with grapevine wire and fresh, colorful hydrangeas. You can use virtually any kind of flowers, but sturdier, larger brooms will hold up longer and won’t flop around — and risk being destroyed — in the wind. After you’re done arranging your flowers, tie on a bow and fasten the beaut to your door. If you tire of the look, or the flowers start to wilt, you can swiftly switch out the flowers in place and create a new bouquet. Leftover flowers? Try this expert-approved 5-step floral bouquet. And if you’re looking for an alternative to a traditional floral wreath, check out this swoonworthy succulent circle to dress up your front door instead!

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