If you don’t consider yourself an expert gardener, you may have tried out small, manageable container gardens before. (Tip: Be sure you’re not making these container garden mistakes if you’re new to it.) With this charming flower basket wreath on your front door, you can show off those gardening skills to the whole neighborhood. You’ll be amazed at how easy this Southern "wreath" is to make. We like to throw a few empty water bottles in the bottom of the basket. This leads to less soil use – which translates into less money and a lighter basket – and easier drainage when watering. When deciding which plants to place in your basket wreath, be sure to include elements that require the same growing conditions. You'll also want to consider height, varying textures, and different colors. Since a basket wreath isn’t season-specific, you can keep reusing it with in-season plants throughout the year. What a fun way to invite guests into your home!

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