Coffee + life hack = we’re all ears, HelloGiggles! But let’s be real, you had us at coffee.

The smell of coffee is the reason most of us get out of bed in the morning. The rich aroma of coffee beans roasting get us through the work day. Not to mention, obviously drinking actual coffee is nice, too. But even the biggest coffee addicts can’t drink it all day long. Sometimes we have to tell ourselves to put that 3rd or 4th (or 5th or 6th!) cup down.

The good news is we’ve got an easy life hack that will allow you to get your coffee scent fix all day and all night long — even if you don’t drink coffee, but love the smell.

Watch this video to find the best coffee lover’s hack ever. Since unfortunately there isn’t an invention yet that allows us to smell through the internet, you’ll just have to try this one at home.


1 – 3 Coffee mugs
Coffee beans
1 – 3 Vanilla scented tea lights


1. Fill the coffee mugs with whole coffee beans
2. Place vanilla scented tea light inside.
3. Allow candles to burn within the time specified on their packaging.

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