You know the routine: The kids are excited about face painting, and you dig around in your crafts supplies only to find that the face paint is dried up, dried out, and unusable. Disappointment ensues. But! We have a solution. Instead of pivoting to another activity, we have a recipe that will help you save the day. Instead of having to replace dried-out face paint for every special occasion, birthday party, and impromptu face-painting session, try making your own! It’s easy and safe for kids, and they are sure to love it. Our recipe for simple DIY Face Paint uses all-natural food coloring—without any harmful chemicals that would stain the kiddos' faces. This step-by-step recipe calls for simple ingredients that you probably already have on hand, like cornstarch, facial moisturizer, oil, and food coloring. You may even already have all the ingredients you need in your pantry and cabinets around the house.

Tips for creating the best homemade face paint include: Be sure to add the vegetable oil in small increments. That will help you easily find the desired thickness of your homemade face paint. And start brainstorming what you’ll paint with the final product so that you know what colors you need. Find plenty of kids’ face painting inspiration online, from face paint for Halloween costumes to animals, dinosaurs, and superhero emblems, which are always a favorite. Be sure to keep this recipe on hand, because the face painting opportunities are always there—even when the kids are in high school and college. 

So start planning your kid's birthday party now, because we've got the perfect activity. Wash those brushes, fill a few mason jars with water, and grab a roll of paper towels. That’s all you need to set up a face painting station. Add a face painting table to your party, and it is sure to be a hit. Get the camera ready, because there will be plenty of photo ops.

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