Crafters rejoice!

Etsy Studio
Etsy Studio
| Credit: Etsy

Crafters rejoice! Have you ever found yourself wondering just how crafty you could be if you had access to the right materials, or found yourself drooling over DIY Pinterest boards? Well, you're going to love this.

Etsy's new craft marketplace, Etsy Studio, allows visitors to shop original DIY projects and tutorials and purchase all of the supplies they need to bring those creative projects to life. Hallelujah!

"Craft supplies have long been a part of, and through conversations with our buyers and sellers, we've learned a lot about the unique challenges of selling and shopping for items within this category," Etsy CEO and chairman Chad Dickerson said in a blog post. "We've applied their feedback to Etsy Studio to make it a delightful experience for both buyers and sellers. We've developed a whole new set of tools for categorizing and describing items and combined those with a new shopping experience tailored specifically to the needs of DIY shoppers."

Etsy Studio—the first new market from since it debuted in 2005—is expected to launch in April, with sellers being given early access in March. Sign up on the website to stay updated, and get ready to get crafty!