DIY Fall Home Decor Ideas We're Dreaming About

Preserved Centerpiece for Fall
Photo: Hector Manuel Sanchez; Produced: Kathleen Varner

There are so many reasons to love fall in the South: vibrant foliage, crisp afternoon air, and pumpkin pie, to name a few. Festive autumn decorations can bring the best of the season to both the inside and outside of your home. Turn your outdoor rooms into cozy retreats for lounging or entertaining, and see just how many ways you can decorate with pumpkins. When the autumn chill gets a little too brisk to bear, head inside and impress your guests with beautiful centerpieces and sprinkles of fall throughout your home. Looking for inspiration? Check out these easy DIY projects for all your fall decor ideas.

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Colorful Fall Foliage Wreath

Hang a Leafy Wreath
Laurey W. Glenn

No need to look farther than your own yard for this project's main material; collect a few branches filled with vibrant autumn leaves to create this festive wreath. Follow this helpful how-to for instructions.

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Go Wild

Preserved Centerpiece for Fall
Hector Manuel Sanchez; Produced: Kathleen Varner

This lively centerpiece is bursting with texture and can be disassembled and used again next year

What You'll Need
Dried pampas grass in natural and brown
Preserved oak leaves
Preserved stardust gypsophila in natural tones
Bleached stardust gypsophila
Dried strawflowers in pink and apricot
Gourds (wired)
Dried bunny tails in chocolate brown

How to Assemble
Place florist foam in container; secure with two pieces of florist tape. Then add dried pampas grasses around the outer edges to provide shape. Repeat step with oak leaves. Working toward the middle, insert stardust gypsophilas. For depth, fill in the middle with dried strawflowers at various heights. Nestle gourds into the center and outer edges of arrangement. Finish with dried bunny tails.

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Dried Flower and Herb Wreath

Fall Wreath with Dried Flowers and Herbs
Laurey W. Glenn

Add a rainbow of colors to your seasonal display with a wreath of dried flowers and wonderfully scented herbs; with the help of a glue gun, it comes together in a few simple steps.

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Broom Door Badge

Broom Door Badge
Helen Norman

Your fall decor is incomplete until you've hung something colorful on the door! Make this seasonal broom badge by grouping millet, dried hydrangeas, salvia, rose hips, and sorghum.

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Compose Your Sideboard

Grouped Items Fall decor
Hector Manuel Sanchez; Produced: Kathleen Varner

Pull together a setup that lasts all month. For a soft glow, light the candles when it's time to entertain

What You'll Need
Dried pampas grass
Dried yarrow in natural yellow
Cinnamon sticks

How to Assemble
Single-ingredient groupings of pampas grass and yarrow make the greatest impact. Add warm touches to complement the arrangements with a bowl of gourds, glass hurricanes filled with cinnamon sticks and pecans, and orange and cream candles. Dishes of pecans and acorns complete the look.

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Pumpkin and Succulent Centerpiece

Fall Pumpkin Centerpiece
Laurey W. Glenn; Styling: Buffy Hargett Miller

Try this fresh, modern take on a Thanksgiving centerpiece. The variety of colors from succulents, pumpkins, and seasonal vegetables makes it all the more interesting. Even better, it comes together in just 25 minutes.

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Succulent Pumpkin

Succulent Vase
Alison Miksch

FGet creative with seasonal displays by using pumpkins as vases. This no-carve idea features a gray-green pumpkin filled with succulents, which provides a natural look.

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Exaggerate Fall's Foliage

Red Leaves Wreath with Pinecones for Fall
Hector Manuel Sanchez; Produced: Kathleen Varner

Make your front door stand out with this easy-to-assemble wreath

What You'll Need
18-inch grapevine wreath
Preserved red sycamore leaves
Preserved plume reed grass
Dried ornamental oregano
Pinecones (we used artificial ones on florist picks from a local crafts store)
Dried phalaris grass dyed a berry wine shade

How to Assemble
Working in a clockwise direction, cover the grapevine wreath with preserved red sycamore leaves, adding them to the underside as well to give both depth and a varied shape. Next, insert three to five groupings of preserved plume reed grass, oregano, pinecones, and phalaris grass.

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Pumpkin Flower Centerpiece

pumpkin center piece,halloween crafts for the web
Laurey W. Glenn

This festive centerpiece filled with a seasonal bouquet comes together in three easy steps.

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Fall Harvest Centerpiece

Fall Harvest Centerpiece
Laurey W. Glenn

Don't overlook the produce section when searching for materials to incorporate into an eye-catching centerpiece. Radishes, Brussels sprouts, artichokes, and purple cabbage combine with blooming fall flowers to create a vibrant violet-and-green arrangement.

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Mumkin Container

Carve Out a Mumkin
Hector Sanchez

Two fall favorites come together to create your next outdoor container: mums and pumpkins. Carve a pumpkin with an opening large enough to comfortably fit a potted mum. After removing the pumpkin guts (don't forget to save the seeds), place the mum inside for a colorful fall container.

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Pumpkin Votives

Pumpkin Votive Float
Laurey W. Glenn; Styling: Buffy Hargett Miller

Design a glowing display fit for fall entertaining by using pumpkin votives. Using mini orange pumpkins, carve a hole large enough to comfortably fit a candle. Place a tea light inside. Float the votives in water, or arrange them on the dining table.

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Pumpkin Topiary

Tabletop White Pumpkin Topiary
Laurey W. Glenn

White pumpkins add to the elegance of this three-tier topiary. Artichokes, succulents, and pepper plants add pops of bright color.

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Fall Pumpkin Tableau

Fall Pumpkin Tableau
Laurey W. Glenn; Styling: Buffy Hargett Miller

Welcome the arrival of fall in your foyer with a sprawling seasonal tableau. Begin with a striking focal point (we filled a glass vase with branches of fall leaves), and build out the display from there. Use gourds of varying color, size, and texture. Fill glass cloches with bleached pinecones or a stack of smaller gourds. A potted plant adds another element of intrigue; place smaller gourds and fall leaves around the larger pieces.

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Embrace the Imperfect

Feather and Grasses Wreath
Hector Manuel Sanchez; Produced: Kathleen Varner

Give a grapevine wreath a new silhouette with sheaves of grasses.

What You'll Need
18-inch grapevine wreath
Dried pampas grass
Preserved stardust gypsophila
Bleached stardust gypsophila
Dried yarrow
Dried setaria grass
Dried okra pods
Pheasant feathers

How to Assemble
Moving in a clockwise direction, insert stems of pampas grass and gypsophilas to fill out the wreath's shape. Then add accents like dried yarrow, setaria grass, okra pods, and pheasant feathers in groups of three or five to the top left side.

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Apple Centerpiece

Fall Greenery
Laurey W. Glenn

Bright green apples are the backbone of this easy 10-minute centerpiece. Watch this video for step-by-step instructions.

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Flower Pumpkins

Pretty Pumpkins
Helen Norman

Adorn pumpkins with fall blooms for a simple yet striking seasonal display. Choose carving or soft-skinned pumpkin, and poke holes in the pumpkin using an awl (a small pointed tool). Place a cut mum or other stemmed flower of your choice in a hole. Repeat until the pumpkin is covered.

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Corn Husk and Ribbon Wreath

Corn Husk Wreath
Laurey W. Glenn

Tamale wrappers are used to create the natural, ruffled look of this wreath. Bold chartreuse ribbon adds a fun pop of color.

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Cotton Burr Wreath

Cotton Burr Fall Wreath
Laurey W. Glenn

This no-fuss, rustic DIY wreath features cotton burs, which can be purchased online or from you local cotton farmer. Hang it from your front door with a deep purple burlap ribbon.

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Patterned Pumpkin Votives

Carve a Patterned Pumpkin
Photo: Hector M. Sanchez

This would be a fun DIY to enlist the little ones as helpers. They can draw the shapes on the pumpkins after scooping out the insides, and then you can cut out the design. Line your walkway or steps for a fun assortment of pumpkin votives.

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Fall Foliage Centerpiece

Fall Table Setting with Pumpkins and Fall Leaves by Lindsey Ellis Beatty
Laurey W. Glenn; Styling: Lindsey Ellis Beatty

This DIY only requires a large empty vase and a few fallen branches from your backyard. It's really that simple!

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Pumpkin Hurricanes

Simple Pumpkin Hurricanes
Laurey W. Glenn

Line your walkway with this festive alternative to lanterns. You can purchase glass hurricane candle holders from most craft stores. Cut a hole in your chosen pumpkins – we like the exaggerated shapes and colors of these large pumpkins – and the place the hurricane with the candle in the hole. Once you're done using them for the night, just collect the glasses and store them inside until the next time you use them.

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Gourd Wreath

Create a DIY Gourd Wreath
Helen Norman

You'll only need a items for this DIY: A wreath form, sheet moss, florist picks, and your pumpkins and gourds. Get your hot glue gun warmed up and be ready for the ultimate crafting project.

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Create a Pumpkin Trio

Stack a Pumpkin Trio Centerpiece
Hector Manuel Sanchez

Have a spot outside that's just asking for a touch of fall decor? Use an empty planter you have lying around and stack pumpkins in descending circumferences. You can add moss in between each layer to fill in the gaps.

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Petite Pumpkin Place Cards

Pumpkin Place Card
Laurey W. Glenn

Who's going to be opposed to personalized pumpkins? You could pick up a handful of tiny pumpkins from your local pumpkin patch or buy faux ones from the craft store. Then just wrap a small twine with your guests name attached for the cutest seasonal place card. You can even send your guests home with the pumpkins, if you wanted.

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Pumpkin Table Tableau

Outdoor Centerpiece
Helen Norman

Carry your festive decorating skills to the outdoors and watch the video for this simple DIY pumpkin table tableau. The best part about this DIY is you can leave it up all year long and switch out the pumpkins for other seasonal accents.

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Asymmetrical Fall Bouquet

Asymmetrical Elegance
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn; Styling: Buffy Hargett Miller

Re-create this gorgeous centerpiece for your fall table using (clockwise from top left): scarlet dahlias, blush-hued stocks, whimsical scabiosas, silver dollar eucalyptus, lysimachia, hypericum berries, plumosa ferns, and roses in pretty peach tones. Add florist foam to a vase, like this golden vessel, and arrange your flowers. Create an asymmetrical design by arranging along the diagonal and allowing the silver dollar eucalyptus and plumosa ferns to drape from one side.

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Rustic Moss Balls

Rustic Touches
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn; Stylist: Buffy Hargett Miller

You can find all the supplies for these rustic DIY moss balls at your local craft store. Grab some faux moss balls, or if those aren't available you can use a foam ball and glue on faux moss, and then glue acorns and tiny pine cones to the outside of the balls. Display them in a festive bowl or group them together on your coffee tables for just a touch of rustic fall in your home.

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Fragrant Pomanders

Make Pomanders
Photo: Ralph Anderson

Most people associate oranges and spices boiling on the stove with winter holidays, but we won't blame you if you want your home to start smelling of holiday spice early. Grab some oranges from the grocery store and poke cloves into the skin in various patterns before displaying them on a pretty platter. You can place this fragrant pomander bundle on your mantle or use it as a centerpiece on your dining table.

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Cornhusk Garland

Cornhusk Garland
Photo: William Dickey

Construct an easy-to-assemble corn garland beginning with a piece of rope. If you like, dye it dark brown or a golden maize shade. Wrap it with broomcorn, corn tassels (stalks are available at farmers markets), or other dried grasses. Place the corn along the rope single file or gathered in bundles of three. Wire corn securely in place, and then tie raffia on top for a finishing touch. Hang your garland across a door, from your mantel, or along your front porch railing.

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Pumpkin Gold

Fashionable Stripes
Photo: Helen Norman

If you don't feel like carving pumpkins this year, skip the gloppy mess and go for a polished look. Pro Tip: Stencil your design in pencil before going back over with your metallic paint.

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Upholstery Tack Pumpkins

Tack Pumpkins
Helen Norman

Pick up a few pumpkins from your local pumpkin patch to begin this super simple DIY project. We liked the way the white pumpkins added a subtle minimalist touch. One you've gotten the pumpkins of your choice, give them a good wipe with a wet paper towel to brush off any dried dirt, and then push in upholstery tacks in whatever design you prefer. You can find furniture tacks at any local craft store.

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Autumn-Inspired Wet Bar

Autumn-Inspired Bar
Photo: Helen Norman

Use antique vessels around your home to elevate pumpkins – you can use faux or real ones – and be sure to add seasonal ingredients to the display like oranges and apples for drink garnishes.

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Crepe-Paper Pumpkins

Crepe-Paper Pumpkins
Photo: Hector Manuel Sanchez/Styling: Buffy Hargett Miller

These adorable faux pumpkins take just a few steps to create. Start with foam balls in three different sizes. Press into the balls using a wooden spoon to create the shape—the ridges and depressions that form the curves of natural pumpkins. Cover the foam balls with orange crepe paper, and secure with a U-pin at the top of each ball. Paint the crepe paper-covered balls with craft glue adhesive (such as Mod Podge) to add a sheen to the exterior of the pumpkins. Let dry overnight. Wrap the pumpkins using gold or copper wire, nestling it in the ridges to define the shapes of the pumpkins and add visual interest. Glue a short stick from your yard onto the top of the pumpkin to create the stem, and curl the copper wire around the stem.

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