Is there anything more exciting than finding an antique piece of furniture for a great deal and transforming it into a stylish, updated, and personal bedroom dresser? Answer: no. With just a little time an effort, you could fill your home with beautifully modernized coffee tables, nightstands, kitchen chairs, and desks! After all, we Southerners love a vintage, DIY home project, and this impressive dresser transformation is sure to provide you with plenty of inspiration for your next furniture renovation endeavor. Astonish all of your holiday party guests with the exciting tales of how you managed to fill your home with stunning, yet inexpensive, pieces. Begin by rummaging through your favorite antique store for the item you have in mind; be sure to keep an eye out for any good sales. Once you’ve selected and bought the piece, remove any old or outdated hardware. Next, sand the furniture with 150 grit sandpaper; this will smooth out your item and prepare it for a fresh layer of paint without damaging it. Of course, replenish any chipped corners with new wood, and exchange old-fashioned handles with accents that complement your personal style. Lastly, repaint your dresser or table with a high-gloss paint in the color of your choice. And, just like that, you can give your home a little upgrade.

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