Brighten up your backyard with the help of a few old jars. Empty pickle and okra jars are the base of this simple home DIY, but your canning jar lights will make a lasting, twinkly impression outside. Once you've cleaned out the empty jars, you'll need to get a cord kit to illuminate each jar. Round up some pliers to remove extra metal once you've measured the cord kit onto the jar lids, and simply screw it all together. These cord kits are equipped with a dimmer, so that you can adjust the ambiance in your backyard. Hang each jar at varying heights to provide the idea mix of rustic and industrial to your outdoor event or al fresco dinner. These DIY Canning Jar Lights are a simple afternoon craft for a weekend, and make a big difference for just a few dollars. Stay away from the larger, family size pickle jars, though – the heavier glass will be harder to hang and can wear on the cord kit.

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