How Ree Drummond Creates New Recipes

Learn how Drummond drums up new recipes.

Hoping to cook more in the new year? Us too.

Out of the many celebrity chefs we adore, there's just no one quite like Ree Drummond, and we've long sought to emulate her in the kitchen, whether we're learning a cooking tip on her Instagram or whipping up a feast from her new cookbook.

Of course, sometimes when we cook, we're looking to create our own new recipes, too. But does that mean you need to bow your head down with an array of tools, and a mise en place worthy of a four-star restaurant? Do you have to watch endless hours of food TV for inspiration to strike? Should you carry a notebook wherever you go to jot down ideas? No, no, and no, but carrying a notebook around probably isn't a bad idea.

Instead, to create delicious new recipes in the kitchen, try this piece of advice from Ree Drummond, from an issue of The Pioneer Woman magazine via CheatSheet. "Sometimes I just build on core recipes I already use. For instance, I have a chicken tortilla soup and an Italian meatball soup, so I came up with a slow-cooker Mexican meatball soup in my new book, 'Come and Get It!'" explains Drummond in the spring 2018 issue promoting her then-newly released cookbook. "For home cooks, I think it's less about culinary brilliance and more about putting little spins on recipes you already know and love."

So go ahead, get creative with tried-and-true recipes in your cooking arsenal: The world is your oyster—just add your own riff on the mignonette. So if you have a favorite pancake recipe you love, try adding cinnamon to the batter, or frozen blueberries instead of fresh bananas. If you find yourself always making your go-to bean chili, try swapping in different beans or adding new spices. If you enjoy the same fruit salad year-round, try mixing it up with the seasons. One caveat, though: If you return to Aunt Thelma's cornbread recipe time and time again, don't mess with perfection.

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