Asking for a friend.
Shrimp in Butter on Plate
Credit: LauriPatterson/Getty Images

It's summer. 'Tis the season to head to the deck and enjoy an endless array of shrimp dishes. Grilled shrimp, shrimp salad, lemon-garlic butter shrimp with broccoli, shrimp po-boys...the list of amazing shrimp recipes is a long and flavorful assortment, indeed.

But some nights, you simply don't feel like diligently prepping your shrimp, firing up the grill, the sauté pan, or the oven, and cooking. We are with you. But is it okay to cook your shrimp in the microwave? Surely, this shortcut could save us time and still yield flavorful shrimp, right? We hate to be the crustacean crawlers of bad news, but no, no it can't.

As a recent piece on on how to cook shrimp explained, ″Microwaves are great for reheating leftovers but when it comes to raw seafood, microwaves are not the way to go," writes Katie Jackson. "'Don't do it,' said [Guido Horst Jendrytzko who currently manages a staff of 250 cooks on the Caribbean Princess]. Microwaves use radiation, not conduction. So basically, the shrimp will cook from the inside out, resulting in an unpleasant rubbery texture." So, there you have it. Do not zap these succulent raw shrimp of their delicate taste and texture.

As for reheating already cooked shrimp in the microwave — that's a big no-no too. Per The Kitchn, reheating any kind of seafood in a microwave puts your fish at risk for overcooking, and the smell won't be too pleasant either. Instead, if you have leftover cooked shrimp, use it in a shrimp salad or serve over pasta or in a green salad.

Now, as for those nights where you find yourself perched in the kitchen wondering ″what's for dinner?" only to realize you want shrimp but it's 900° and you don't feel like laboring over the stove or grill, that's what this raw shrimp ceviche is for, friends.

Bottom line: If you're feeling shellfish, don't be selfish and toss them in the microwave.