Making Kebabs? Follow Alton Brown's Genius Grilling Advice

Hint: Grab a water bottle.

Grilled Skewers
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Throwing something on the grill this week? You can't go wrong with these Grilled Kabob Recipes to Cook All Summer Long.

One thing you can go wrong with, however, is ruining a bamboo skewer by burning it on the grill. (Or, you know, ruining a pack of eight bamboo skewers.) But sometimes, you want to get food on the table ASAP and you don't have time to soak bamboo skewers in water for 10-to-30 minutes to ensure they don't disintegrate in the flames. Thankfully, Alton Brown has a savvy tip that will prevent the delaying mealtime thanks to a necessary soaking period for your skewers.

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As The Kitchn pointed out, Brown's strategy for skipping the bamboo skewer soaking step before you're ready to cook is simple yet effective: "Keep skewers in a recycled water bottle full to the top with water. That way the skewers will always be ready for grilling. Just give the bottle a little squeeze and they'll pop right up," Brown wrote in an Instagram post that has garnered nearly 5,000 likes.

Clearly, we'll need to toast the Good Eats: Reloaded star at our next summer Kebab Night. Thank you for the genius intel, Mr. Brown.

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