If you’re searching for a perfectly cool and refreshing summer cocktail, Blackberry Pisco Sours are the ideal choice. The sweet taste of fresh blackberries combined with the tanginess of lime juice creates a deliciously irresistible flavor. You won’t be able to have just one. The addition of blackberries makes for a fun and exciting twist on the classic Pisco Sour. Below the Mason Dixon, we like to sip and savor our cocktails, and Blackberry Pisco Sours are meant for just that! Pisco is a strong, South American grape brandy that adds a sensational kick to this thirst-quenching beverage. If you’re having trouble finding Pisco in your area, white tequila, vodka, and grappa are great substitutions. Blackberry Pisco Sours are best enjoyed while relaxing poolside, and, for an extra Southern flare, be sure to serve them in a mason jar. The added egg whites actually help to make the cocktail delightfully rich and texturized without the extra calories of coconut cream or half and half.


To begin, blend one cup of fresh blackberries until they are smooth and liquidized. Pour the blended blackberries through a wire-mesh strainer into a one-quart-jar with a tight fitting lid. Be sure to discard any solids. Next, add one cup of Pisco, a third of a cup of fresh lime juice, three large egg whites, and five tablespoons of simple syrup into the jar. Cover the mixture with a lid, and shake it vigorously for about thirty seconds or until it’s foamy. Pour the combination into four 10oz glasses filled with ice. Lastly, top each drink with a dash of bitters and a full blackberry. If you want to garnish your Blackberry Pisco Sour, fresh basil leaves are an excellent choice. These cocktails are impressively delightful, and they only take 15 minutes to make. Cheers y’all! 

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