5 Simple Ways To Thank Your Mail Carrier This Holiday Season

Try these five easy ways to spread the joy.

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The holidays are a busy time of year for everyone, but the typical end-of-year rush can be especially taxing for mail carriers. When the weather starts to chill, their usual load of letters and packages increases exponentially with everyone rushing to get their gifts, Christmas cards, and well wishes delivered to friends and families across the country. This holiday season, take time to reflect on how these pivotal service workers positively impact your life, then show your thanks for their tireless work and dedication. Here are five simple but meaningful ways to thank your mail carrier this holiday season. Bonus: You can recycle this list on February 4 for National Thank a Mail Carrier Day!

1. Write a Thank You Note

Never underestimate the power of a well-written thank you note. A few simple words to express your appreciation can go a long way to brighten your mail carrier’s day. Follow these three basic steps for a successful note: 1) Choose a pretty piece of stationery 2) Handwrite your message 3) Be specific about what their service means to you and your family. If you have kiddos, get them started early on the practice of gratitude by having them make cards or write their own letters of thanks.   

2. Leave a Homemade Treat

Be it homemade Christmas candy, a warm loaf of apple bread, or a bag of addictively crunchy cheese straws, a sweet or savory treat delivered fresh from your kitchen is sure to surprise and delight your mail carrier. It may be just the pick-me-up they need to finish their route that day.

3. Make a Snack Pack

If cooking isn’t your strong suit, you can still provide some tasty fuel for your mail carrier via a curated snack pack. A bottle of water, protein-heavy trail mix, and crunchy snack crackers are a good place to start. If you happen to know your mail carrier’s favorite snack food or candy bar, then that's all the better.

4. Pay a Visit

If you know your mail carrier’s normal schedule, plan to pay them a visit on their next stop at your house. Driving long hours around neighborhoods can be a lonely job, so they’ll appreciate seeing your smiling face, hearing your thanks in person, and having a genuine conversation to break up their route.  

5. Give a Small Gift

According to the U.S. Postal Service, carriers are permitted to accept gifts valuing $20 or less per occasion, which means it’s perfectly fine for you to leave your carrier a gift this holiday season! If you don’t know your mail carrier well enough to venture a guess at what they might like, a practical present like an insulated thermos is always a nice thought. You can also leave a gift card of $20 or less, so long as it can’t be exchanged for cash. Bonus points if you shop small and choose a gift card to a local coffee shop or specialty store!

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