How Often To Wash Blankets, According To Cleaning Pros

Plus, tips for washing.

While you may follow a strict laundering routine for your sheets, towels, and other household linens that get everyday use, knowing when to wash blankets can be a bit more complicated. You may have blankets that are used as an extra layer between sheets and  a comforter or duvet that will require a different schedule than the cozy blankets you use while watching Netflix at night and the pretty throws that act mostly as another element of layered decoration. Thankfully, cleaning pros Jennifer Roland of Atlanta Cleaning Source and Lori Williamson of @nowitsclean have made it easy to determine when your blankets need freshening up. 

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While the following guidelines are pretty standard for various types of blankets, Roland says there are a few things to consider that may impact how often yours will need laundering. Besides thinking through how often you use a blanket, the amount it needs to be washed can be further impacted by any pets that may come cuddle in it, if you have hot-natured family members who sweat a lot, and if anyone in your home suffers from allergies. All of these factors may increase the frequency with which your blankets need to be washed.

How Often To Wash Blankets

While a common rule of thumb for washing sheets is every week, middle layers and comforters or duvets don’t require as stringent of laundering standards. Roand says that blankets that are between sheets and don’t come in direct contact with your body can be washed monthly, while large comforters and duvet covers should be washed at least every two weeks.

When it comes to those cozy throw blankets that the whole family uses for movie nights and bingeing new seasons of your favorite show, Williamson advises washing them monthly or every other month. However, if these throws are first draft picks when family members are sick and need extra warmth, you’ll want to wash them as soon as your loved one is on the mend. And if your household likes to snack during movie nights, it may be worth inspecting those living room blankets more frequently to ensure they aren’t collecting stains. 

There are also likely at least one or two beautiful throws in your home that are designated for certain corners of the house and are not for everyday use. In this case, Williamson suggests only washing decorative blankets once or twice a year. In fact, luxury throws made from fabrics such as cashmere will actually benefit from fewer washes to preserve their textures and lifespans, according to accessories, home, and loungewear brand Senreve

How To Properly Wash Blankets

It’s also important to consider how to properly wash your blankets to ensure a thorough clean. You likely have blankets made from a range of fabrics such as fleece, wool, and cotton, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with any care labels. According to Snuggle, blankets made from fabrics like cotton can be thrown in with your regular laundry cycle while fleece and wool blankets will require a delicate wash. However, the most delicate fabrics like cashmere will fare best if hand-washed or washed with an extra-gentle detergent on a delicate setting without other fabrics. 

The brand also recommends air-drying blankets when possible to preserve their lifespan, but it’s okay to dry on a low setting if you’re crunched for time and the care label allows. In this case, you’ll want to dry larger blankets separately to keep them in an electric dryer for as short of time as possible, while smaller throws in similar fabrics can be dried together.

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