How Long Does Thawed Soup Last In The Refrigerator?

Soup Thawing in Refrigerator

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While it may not always be our favorite thing to do on a weekend afternoon, an hour or two of meal prep can make all the difference in streamlining hectic weeknight dinners and getting the whole family out of the door with a healthy breakfast each morning. Soups are a top meal prep recipe pick for the hands-off cooking time, high serving count, and ability to make the most of whatever’s left in the fridge. Simply store a big batch in the freezer and you’ll have several nights of dinners and lunches to serve up with ease throughout the next month or two, but it’s important to follow proper storage, thawing, and serving methods to prevent any pesky foodborne illnesses from sweeping your household. 

How Long Is Thawed Soup Good For?

Thawed soup—both vegetarian and meat-based—can last up to four days in the fridge before it needs to be consumed, according to The good news is that food thawed in the fridge can be safely refrozen and defrosted again if your schedule or plans change—just make sure you haven’t recooked it first, as this can further disrupt the quality and textures.

Tips For Freezing Soup

The USDA says that any food frozen at zero degrees Fahrenheit will always be food safe, so make sure your freezer is set to (and actually functioning at) the right temperature before freezing your chosen soup recipe. Unlike methods for storing cooked food in the fridge, cooked foods should be placed in the freezer as soon as possible to preserve their quality as well as to prevent ice crystals from forming and disrupting the texture of the dishes. 

The agency recommends storing soups and stews for no longer for two to three months, so you’ll want to first look for a date on your food storage container to make sure the soup hasn’t been hiding in there for too long. While it’s likely still safe to eat, the textures of various meats, veggies, and/or grains may be compromised. 

Tips For Thawing Soup

When it comes to defrosted food storage, your dish is only as good as your methods. Even if you consume a favorite soup recipe within four days of thawing in the fridge, there can still be a risk of food-related illness if it has not properly thawed. Thankfully, refrigerator thawing is much more fool-proof than cold water thawing, though it takes more time. You just may need to be prepared for a soup to thaw longer if it’s sitting in a colder area of the fridge, or if you keep your fridge below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. 

One simple way to ensure speedy thawing and prevent food waste is by storing frozen soup in single-serve containers. That way you won’t have to spend two days waiting for a giant tub of chicken noodle soup to defrost in the fridge and risk having to throw some out or refreeze another portion in a new container. Save yourself the time and effort by investing in a set of Souper Cubes or freezer-safe individual food storage containers that make freezing, defrosting, and serving all your go-to soup recipes easy-breezy.

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