The 5 Best Hot Springs In Texas To Visit

How about a soothing Lone Star soak?

Barton Springs Pool in Zilker Park
Photo: courtesy of Visit Austin

You really can find a little bit of everything within the state of Texas, which spans over 260,000 square miles. However, amongst the beaches, mountains, hills, lakes, and parks, you might still be surprised to learn that there are hot springs in Texas, too. While you might have to travel out to West Texas or Texas Hill Country to find them, the few hot springs found in the Lone Star State are soothing geothermal anomalies worth a visit.

Here are the 5 best hot springs in Texas to explore and enjoy a soak.

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Chinati Hot Springs

Chinati Hot Springs

Courtesy Chinati Hot Springs

Chinati Hot Springs, also known as Ruidosa Hot Springs, is a rustic hot spring resort hidden in the Chihuahuan Desert near Marfa, Texas. The property was originally built by famed sculptor Donald Judd, and now the privately owned and operated resort features eight cabins along with the outdoor hot springs pool and soaking tubs. (Only guests are allowed use of the springs.) The water varies between 104 and 109 degrees.

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Langford Hot Springs

Langford Hot Springs

Courtesy National Park Service

Also sometimes referred to as Big Bend Springs or Boquillas Hot Springs, this hot springs system can be found in the majestic Big Bend National Park in West Texas. These hot springs used to be housed in the stone bathhouse of J.O. Langford, a homesteader from the early 1900s, who inspired the system's namesake. The water, which has flowed in the area for centuries, sits around 105 degrees year-round. You can explore the rest of the park and its many trails while you’re there.

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Barton Springs Pool

Barton Springs Pool in Zilker Park

Courtesy Visit Austin

You don’t have to venture far out into the wilderness for this experience. Located in the heart of Austin within Zilker Park, this well-known gathering spot isn’t piping hot, but instead a warm 70 degrees all year long, making it ideal for both summertime and winter. In fact, it’s a popular morning exercise swim spot even during fall and winter months. Depths of the pool range from zero to 18 feet, and there’s a diving board on site.

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Krause Springs

Krause Springs Texas

Courtesy Krause Springs

This 115-acre property is in Spicewood, around 30 miles from Austin. It has been privately owned by the Krause Family for over 50 years and resides on the National Registry of Historical Sites. There are 32 springs on the property, and many keep around a mellow 70 degrees, which offers pleasant soaking and swimming for Texas’ mild cooler months. There are campsites available for those wanting to stay overnight.

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Capote Springs

Hot Springs Big Bend National Park

Getty Images/Education Images/Contributer

Another West Texas geothermal anomaly, Capote Springs is a group of springs situated about an hour outside Marfa. The area also contains the state’s tallest and largest waterfall, Capote Falls, a 175-foot waterfall with roaring waters. The springs have an average temperature of around 99 degrees, however it's important to note that these springs are now under private ownership. Therefore, you must receive permission to access from the landowners. 

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