Yes, "cowboy hot tubs" really are trendy again.

Stock Tank Pool by Hey Wanderer
Credit: Hey Wanderer/@heywanderer

The summer months are closing in fast, which means it's time to start thinking about ways to cool off in the sweltering heat. And, it turns out, people around the nation are taking a cue from our ancestors in the Old West on how to cool off fast by installing stock tanks, otherwise known as "cowboy pools" on their property.

"More and more, we see our customers turning to this innovative solution as a way to enjoy many of the benefits of a pool without the high cost," the Tractor Supply Company wrote on its website about the containers, which are actually designed as water troughs for livestock. The creatives Hey Wanderer added one to their backyard and took things a step further to make theirs a hot tub.

Indeed, these troughs are much more cost-effective than a pool, and it turns out they are much easier to install too. Here is how you can install one yourself quickly and safely.

Find the perfect spot:

As Tracker Supply noted, you'll need a "solid, level base" to start. This can be achieved by leveling an area and filling with compacted sand or crushed granite.

"The same is true whether you plan to use the stock tank for an above-ground pool, or want to dig out enough soil to create an in-ground version," the site explained. "If digging a hole for an in-ground pool, remember to allow enough space behind the pool to accommodate the pump and hoses."

Clean your tank:

After selecting the perfect size it's time to take the stock tank pool home. Once there, clean it thoroughly inside and out. Next, you'll need to decide if you want the hoses and pumps to be visible. "In the interest of simplicity, many people choose to simply hang the hoses over the side, and weigh them down with cinder blocks or some other item," Tractor Supply wrote. "But, if you'd rather not be staring at hoses all the time, you can drill the appropriate holes in the side of the tank. Please note, although most of our tanks come with a pre-installed plug, it wasn't intended for the kind of water flow you'll need to use the tank as a pool."

If you're drilling holes remember: Measure twice and cut once.

To keep water moving and clean purchase a small pump, a filter, and several feet of tubing. Because this has a bit to do with water and electricity, both Tractor Supply and me as a human recommend you hire a trained electrician for everyone's safety.

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Fill it up:

Now it's time to turn on the hose and get pumping. Add in the amount of chlorine necessary for your tank (look to the bottle for instructions) and add in chlorine on a regular basis to keep algae at bay.

Share it on Instagram:

Come on, you didn't build this pool for nothing. With more than 2,400 mentions on Instagram #StockTankPool is certainly trending. We're loving the color change Erin Barrett of Sunwoven went for this year. Go ahead and share your creation with the world. Just be prepared for people to invite themselves over for a dip too.