This $9 Bug-Zapping Racquet Keeps the Kids Entertained and Everyone Bite-Free

Mosquitoes be warned.

Bug Zapper
Photo: Home Depot

You feel it before you see it. The itch. Maybe a slight sting. By the time you slap your arm, the mosquito is long gone, tail buzzing in delight. Summer in the South—well, really any season in the South—doesn't get to skate by being all cobblers and giggles and spending time in the beautiful scenery sans a bottle of bug spray, a tube of Cortizone, and a few itchy bumps.

The mosquitoes down here are nothing to laugh at, and we're not afraid to look silly if it means avoiding angry red bites. The options are limited: Gear up with as much bug spray as you can manage—and set the kids on the little buggers with an electric fly swatter. Armed with the formidable Black Flag Handheld Bug Zapper, the youngins can run around and zap to their heart's content, so long as they promise not to throw too many swings at each other. What do we get? To sit back with a glass of sweet tea and let our arm-slapping guard down for a spell.

This portable bug-zapping racquet comes in handy in more ways than one. When you're sitting on the porch, mosquitoes don't stand a chance. When reading in the sunroom, wasps and yellowjackets won't sneak up on your unassuming ankle. In the corner of your bathroom, that spider isn't going to be doing any more peeping. At just $9, that's a lot of comfort given and a lot less bites suffered. So if you're looking to keep the kids entertained and yourself bite-free all year long, snag one now and keep those bugs at bay. You can shop it here!

Southerners like to sit on the porch and visit with loved ones and casual company at their leisure—mosquitoes be darned.

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