You'll Have It Made in the Shade with These 15 Stylish Patio Umbrellas

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15 Stylish Patio Umbrellas

Shade is a Southerner's best friend, and a patio umbrella is a simple yet smart way to get some relief from the sun's glare. Whether you're by the pool, the lake, or just looking for an afternoon patio escape, sweltering days are best spent in the shade. If you want to step outside your screened porch, equipping your patio with the right accessories will ensure you're lounging in comfort and style. But with so many shapes and sizes available online, it's important to know what factors to look for in a suitable outdoor patio umbrella. So, we turned to the experts.

"First, take into account the size and shape of the area you want to cover," recommends Lindsey Zborowski, style expert for Wayfair Professional. "It's best to calculate an additional 2 feet on each side, whether it's a table or patio seating." You should also think about the type of climate you reside in. "If you live near the ocean, consider an umbrella with an aluminum poll which is less likely to rust or corrode from salt air," she advises. Fabrics and structures that will stand up to the elements are also crucial. "A Sunbrella fabric is UV-resistant, meaning it won't fade or discolor in the sun like some materials do over time, and it also resists mildew. Fiberglass canopy ribs can provide structure flexibility as well, making [the umbrella] less likely to break in heavy wind. It's also more resistant to salt air, humidity, or heavy moisture."

Make sure your base is ready to keep your umbrella safely grounded too. A 20-pound base is usually best for an umbrella that's 6 feet in diameter, while a 50-pound base is recommended for one that's 9 feet. Umbrellas 11 feet or larger typically require a 70-pound base or more.

Finally, make sure it fits your style. "Umbrellas with retro flair are having a moment right now," Zborowski reveals. "But while umbrellas with scalloped edges or those that resemble parasols may be trending, traditional, striped, and neutral-tone umbrellas are always popular."

Ready to add more shade to your outdoor space? Here are some of the best patio umbrellas to shop on Wayfair right now.

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Best Small Patio Umbrella

Lambeth 8.5 Market Umbrella

BUY IT: Lambeth 8.5' Market Umbrella, $139.99 (orig. $231.62);

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Best Tilt Patio Umbrella

Carina 9’ Market Umbrella

BUY IT: Carina 9' Market Umbrella, $117.82 (orig. $219.89);

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Best Price for a Patio Umbrella

Jaida 9’ Market Umbrella

BUY IT: Jaida 9' Market Umbrella, $57.99 (orig. $69.99);

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Best Patio Table Umbrella

Artrip 9’ Market Umbrella

BUY IT: Artrip 9' Market Umbrella, $139.99 (orig. $271.04);

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Best Scalloped Patio Umbrella

15 Stylish Patio Umbrellas

BUY IT: Jersey Square Patio Umbrella, $90.99;

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Best Patio Umbrella for Wind

Crediton 9’ Market Umbrella

BUY IT: Crediton 9' Market Umbrella, $144.99 (orig. $178);

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Best Double Umbrella

Brantley 15’ x 8.5’ Rectangular Market Umbrella

BUY IT: Brantley 15' x 8.5' Rectangular Market Umbrella, $209.99;

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Best Cantilever Patio Umbrella

Vassalboro 10’ Cantilever Umbrella

BUY IT: Vassalboro 10' Cantilever Umbrella, $114.99 (orig. $329.99);

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Best Lighted Patio Umbrella

Fairford 10’ Market Umbrella

BUY IT: Roland 10' Market Umbrella, $117.99;

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Best Freestanding Patio Umbrella

Trotman 10’ Cantilever Umbrella

BUY IT: Trotman 10' Cantilever Umbrella, $98.99;

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Best Rectangular Patio Umbrella

15 Stylish Patio Umbrellas

BUY IT: Serena 10' x 6.5' Rectangular Market Umbrella, $82.99 (orig. $139);

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Best Patio Umbrella Canopy

Iyanna 9’ Market Umbrella

BUY IT: Iyanna 9' Market Umbrella, $89.99 (orig. $94.99);

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Best Large Patio Umbrella

15 Stylish Patio Umbrellas

BUY IT: Ferrell 9' x 12' Rectangular Cantilever Umbrella, $286.99 (orig. $349.99);

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Best Umbrella Stand

Bellana 118” Cantilever Umbrella

BUY IT: Bellana 118" Cantilever Umbrella, $419.99 (orig. $439.99);

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Best Fade-Resistant Patio Umbrella

Oceanside Series 9’ Market Sunbrella Umbrella

BUY IT: Oceanside Series 9' Market Sunbrella Umbrella, $299.99 (orig. $515);

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