Don't be that person.

If you're selling your home, your mind is probably a whirlwind of mush as you get ready to list your abode while also scouting out where you'll live next. As realtors help so many navigate the process, it's safe to say they've heard and seen almost everything.

Here's one thing they'd prefer to not keep hearing: "Do I really need to stage my property?" As writer Brittany Anas recently revealed in an Apartment Therapy piece titled "They'll Never Tell You, But Real Estate Agents Are Tired of Hearing These 5 Questions," that's one question real estate agents could do without.

"These days, so many people are looking at properties online first—so you need to make a good first impression or risk buyers quickly looking past your property. The best way to do that? Stage your home and hire a professional photographer," writes Anas. This doesn't mean only cleaning the kitchen counter and tidying up coffee tables, but anointing your rooms with houseplants, tossing clutter, and removing personal mementos like framed pictures and decor with the family name on it or monograms.

In fact, as realtor Martin Eiden with Compass in New York City told Anas, not staging and styling your home well can reduce the offers you get by as much as 5-to-15 percent.

To get your home in tip-top shape for showings, here are 9 Things You Should Do on the Day You're Showing Your Home.

What's your favorite tip for putting your home's best face forward after you've put it on the market?