Keyboard quirks, explained.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
Credit: Fotowada/Getty Images

You likely spend hours at a computer keyboard each workday. But in this high-tech world, have you ever stopped and glanced down to notice the "F" and "J" keys? If you have, or if you have particularly sensitive fingertips, you've likely seen little ridges on both of these keys. But why?

There's a reason to the madness, ladies and gentlemen: "Turns out, they're an age-old tool that's meant to help you position your hands correctly when you type. Being mindful of these grooves improves your efficiency at the keyboard, increasing your typing speeds so you don't have to constantly glance down at your hands," explains Brooke Nelson for Reader's Digest.

As Nelson elaborates, the positioning of the bumps on the F and J keys is fitting because they're centrally located spots for people to rest their index fingers on the keyboard. We're definitely saving this tidbit for trivia night.

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Or, you know, for 10 years from now when we have to tell our kids about a time in the world when people actually used their fingers to write words out and didn't just convey their thoughts to a voice-enabled assistant.