DIY Wax Melt Kit
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This DIY Wax Melt Kit Has Everything You Need to Make Your Home Smell Like the Holidays

It also makes a great gift.
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Imagine the smell of baking spices, crisp pine tree needles, and holly berries. You were just transported to Christmas morning, right? While you typically need freshly made desserts and a real tree to infuse your home with these festive scents, there's a fun and creative way to make your home smell like the holidays—and it simply requires a little DIY know-how. We're talking about homemade wax melts, and you can make a few dozen of your own with this holly berry balsam wax melt kit from Wholesale Supplies Plus. 

Unlike traditional candles, these small wax melts give off a pleasant scent without coming near a match. You can melt them in a decorative wax burner, or leave them in a bowl or sachet to let their yummy aroma fill a room.  

This kit comes with everything you need to make holiday-inspired melts, including evergreen-colored mica powder, holly berry balsam fragrance oil, beeswax, and palm kernel flakes. It also has six clamshell molds for you to pour your aromatic concoction into. All you have to do is follow the simple included instructions, and you'll be left with 36 fragrant wax melts to enjoy or give away. 

The kit itself would make a thoughtful present for someone who enjoys a DIY project, but you could just as easily wrap up your individual finished wax melts to give out as small handmade gifts, too. Grab a few festive sachets, throw in real holly berries, and you've got a unique, affordable present or party favor for a crowd. Either way, the $25 kit can help you cross people off your holiday shopping list without going over budget.

Order a kit now to ensure it arrives well before the holiday season. That way you'll have enough time to make your wax melts or give them to a loved one. These holiday-inspired kits won't be available for long, so get one while you can!

DIY Wax Melt Kit
Credit: Courtesy of Wholesale Supplies Plus