This Cozy Cottage In Waco Is Our Kind of White Christmas

Getaways look a little different these days as we find fresh ways to get out and explore, but with safety in mind. Thankfully Dino Parrella and Janet Parrella-van den Berg, the husband and wife team behind UK-based White & Faded created the out-of-town oasis our Southern hearts desire in an Airbnb that has dream house written all over it. The UK-based brand is known for restoring older homes and furniture, bringing a stylish, sustainable touch to every project they take on. But when they received several requests from loyal followers and customers to visit their private residence in London, they knew it was time to bring the White & Faded experience to life, and their timing couldn't have been more perfect.

The couple traveled across the pond to create the White & Faded House, an Airbnb in Waco, Texas, that gives fans and design enthusiasts alike the opportunity to experience the brand firsthand. Nestled in a 2,400-square-foot Victorian, which was built in 1896 by W.C. Dodson, the listing is the perfect blend of country charm and European elegance.

"We wanted to add a flair of European design by creating a cozy flow throughout the home, [while] enhancing the existing character and architecture to give it a new lease on life," Parrella-van den Berg explains.

By adding moldings and ceiling medallions as well as sticking with White & Faded's signature white color scheme, this Airbnb feels like a home away from home. The White & Faded House currently rents for $342 per night.

Whether you're looking to book last-minute holiday trip or want to pretend you're on vacation, enjoy this up-close-and-personal look at this gorgeous getaway.

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Old-Fashioned Oasis

Waco Airbnb by White & Faded Exterior
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For the design duo, this storied property was love at first sight. "Having loved Victorian houses as long as I remember, it was an easy decision to fall in love with this house, and that I did," says Parrella-van den Berg. "From the first moment I stepped into the home, I was able to ignite my creativity and visualize exactly what I wanted from that space."

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Pretty Porch

Waco Airbnb by White & Faded Porch
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Decked out with airy, white drapes, the property's porch offers a great mix of outdoor-indoor living. It's the perfect place to kickback, relax, and enjoy the sunset.

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Warm Welcome

Waco Airbnb by White & Faded Entry
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Simply step inside and you'll feel like you're transported to a sun-drenched sanctuary. "The light in this house is incredible! I'm in love with the large, original windows that just flood light in every room," Parrella-van den Berg adds.

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Luxe Living

Waco Airbnb by White & Faded Living Room
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With antique furniture, meticulous molding, and an ornate chandelier, the White & Faded House is like a European pied-à-terre—with a Southern spin, of course.

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Chic Corners

Waco Airbnb by White & Faded Dining Room
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Parrella-van den Berg's favorite part of the White & Faded is sitting in the living room, watching all the design details work their magic. "My favorite corner in the house is when you stand in the living room looking through the double French doors, through the hallway, and again see another set of double French doors that lead into the dining room," she says. "Just magical!"

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Fine Dining

Waco Airbnb by White & Faded French Doors
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Of course, this listing has a lot more to offer than good looks. When it came to designing the White & Faded House, the duo made sure to consider all the senses.

"When you enter the house, the atmosphere is instantly created," Parrella explains. "The smell of our scented candle soothing your senses, music is on in the background, your slippers are nicely prepared for you and then you see it—this incredible chandelier and staircase standing tall—boom! It's truly unique."

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Kiss the Cook

Waco Airbnb by White & Faded Kitchen
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Why go out to eat when you can cook in this stylish kitchen? With well-appointed appliances, a spacious kitchen island, and charming window seat, this is one kitchen you'll want to spend time in long after dinner's been served.

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Wonderful Walls

Waco Airbnb by White & Faded Nook
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While the White & Faded House was initially inspired by the duo's private residence, they had to make a few tweaks to make it suitable for short-term stays.

"The house was crying out for its coziness to be restored once more and that's exactly what we wanted to do: create a feeling of homeyness," Parrella-van den Berg says.

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Sweet Dreams

Waco Airbnb by White & Faded Bedroom
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With three bedrooms—and six beds in total—there's enough space for the entire family. And, thanks to White & Faded's signature airy aesthetic, beauty sleep has never looked so good.

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Beautiful Bathroom

Waco Airbnb by White & Faded Bath Vanity
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There's also two-and-a-half bathrooms, so everyone can have a chance to primp to their pleasure.

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Waco Airbnb by White & Faded Main Bath
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Now if you'll excuse us, we'll be mentally relaxing in this soaking tub.

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