Hard-to-reach spots, beware!

Hard-to-reach spots, beware!
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These days, vacuum cleaners come with more attachments than your KitchenAid Stand Mixer. There's a nozzle for just about everything, but somehow, we're still find ourselves struggling to clean troublesome nooks and crannies.

As one savvy cleaner recently pointed out on The Kitchn, the answer to your suction prayers could be as simple enough as an old paper towel roll. You know, the one you were just about to toss in the recycling.

"It just so happens that using a cardboard roll as an attachment makes mincemeat out of some of the most tedious and neglected cleaning tasks," the piece states.

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As far as cleaning hacks go, this one's a breeze. Simply shove a paper towel roll onto the end of your vacuum cleaner hose then use your new MacGyvered nozzle—and your hand to reshape it as needed—to direct the force of the suction straight into the narrow ridges and small spaces that would otherwise evade you.

Window and sliding door tracks, car crevices, chair rail moldings and other tight areas won't know what hit them!