Buying a costume in a bag? You're far too creative for that. Here are a few of our favorite ideas.

Miss Georgia Peach
Credit: Art Meripol

Why buy a costume in a bag? Let your creativity wow all your conventional friends sporting the Melania and Donald Trump getups or the expected black cat costumes.

1. Costume Idea: "I've come from Alabama with a banjo on my knee."
Take a visual cue from "Oh! Susanna" the old folk song made famous in modern times by James Taylor's rendition.
Best For: Music lovers. But absolutely perfect for anyone from Alabama with a significant other named Susanna (or Suzanne). Serious bonus points if she lives in Louisiana.
How To Create the Look: Plaid button down, jean shorts with a banjo drawn prominently on your knee. You could also carry that banjo from party to party.

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2. Costume Idea: Charleston's Ravenel Bridge
Best For: Couples who love Charleston – especially ones who were married there.
How To Create the Look: For each person, you'll need two pieces of thin plywood one for each shoulder to mimic the road beneath the bridge. You'll want to leave a few inches of overhang so you can "join towers" with your partner at parties. Paint the plywood black, adding street lanes, glue miniature cars to it, and affix each piece to your shoulder. You can either loop the "road" below your armpits or glue it to the shoulders of an inexpensive long-sleeved, black shirt. Once your road is in tact, use your head as the highest point of the diamond shaped towers (the "sails"), and string out cables gluing them to your "road."

3. Costume Idea: Magnolia tree
Best For: Southern gardeners
How To Create the Look: Start with dark gray or brown pants and coordinating top (this is your trunk). Go to the closest Hobby Lobby and stock up on artificial magnolia branches. Wire or glue the branches to your arms and upper chest in an upward and outward direction to mimic a tree canopy. Get a stiff headband and wire even more magnolia branches around it (that's your tree topper).
Easy Adaptations: Depending on what's available at your local craft store, this costume can be easily transformed into a camellia or dogwood tree. You could also be kudzu: Wear all green instead of brown, and wire the kudzu all over your body leaving the ends wild and loose.

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4. Costume Idea: Tony Cachere, the creator of eponymous Original Creole Seasoning
Best suited for: Southern home cooks and foodies
How To Create the Look: A red and white striped button down shirt, gray pants, red Converse shoes, a white chef's hat, white apron, glasses, and a can of seasoning to carry around.
Easy adaptations: Ditch the red and white shirt and– Bam!–You're Emeril or add on a neckerchief and a newsboy cap and you're the late, great Paul Prudhomme.

5. Costume Idea: Southern Festival Queen
Best Suited For: Someone with a more flamboyant side
How To Create the Look: First, select a festival queen, and study her coronation gear. A few favorites: Tennessee's Cornbread Festival, Miss Hot Tamale and Miss Hot Tamale at the Greenville, Mississippi Hot Tamale Festival, Miss Shrimp Festival in Amelia Island, Florida. You'll need: a tiara, sash, and one of your old prom or bridesmaid dresses.
Easy Adaptations: Have some fun. Swap out your sash depending on the festival queen that you want to be.