Host the most fun Halloween party on the block.

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Ultimate Halloween Party Ideas
Credit: Carol Yepes

Get festive with fun decorations, finger foods, and spooky music for the ultimate Halloween party this season. Our easy Halloween party ideas make throwing a festive fall gathering a breeze—you won't even break the bank.

Create A Creepy Yard

Low lighting with easy with paper bag luminaries, and white sheet ghosts hung from trees with fishing line are a snap. Our favorite way to make your yard spooky is the easy-clean-up and inexpensive faux spider web. Get them at your local craft store or order online. Related: Fabulous Fall Decorating Ideas

Don't Forget Fun Games

You can bob for apples, hang a witchy pinata or give some of your favorite party games a halloween spin—spooky charades perhaps? Just be sure there are plenty of activities set up for both kids and adults. We love this festive fall Charlie Brown board game for the little ones.

Serve Spooky Snacks

You can turn almost anything into halloween-inspired eats. Your party punch becomes a witches brew when served in a black caldron. Strawberries turn into ghosts when dipped in white chocolate. And you can make spider webs out of almost any contrasting-colored sauces or dips. Check out what we did with this ketchup and mustard. All you need is a squirt bottle and a toothpick for creating lines.

Turn On Terrifying Tunes

No Halloween party is complete without the right sound track. You can find a variety of free playlists on both Spotify and Pandora—everything from creaking door sounds to howls in the night. We also love this classic Monster Mash record.

Splurge on a Dry Ice Machine

Nothing says Halloween quite like a low sitting fog that creeps through your spaces, either indoors or out. While they're a little pricey, a dry ice machine is worth the investment if you plan to throw Halloween parties year after year. They can even be fun on a front porch to spook trick-or-treaters.

Host a Pumpkin Carving Contest

Everybody loves a good competition, and what better one to have than a jack-o-lantern making one? Cover an outdoor table with craft paper or paper grocery bags for easy cleanup. Set out a few carving kits—and of course pumpkins—and you'll be ready to host your contest.