It's complete with a 70,000-gallon infinity swimming pool! 

Oh, celebrities and their lavish mansions – we just can’t get enough! And, this Georgia estate is in a class of its own. You may have heard of Tyler Perry, a successful actor and filmmaker, but few folks know he is actually the highest paid man in the entertainment industry, which makes sense after taking a peek inside the celebrity’s home.

Join Southern Living editors Betsy Cribb and Katherine Owen as they discuss the highlights of the Tyler Perry house. To begin, it is Georgia’s most expensive home, ringing in at a meek $25 million. The extravagant estate is complete with a underground ballroom, lighted tennis court, wine cellar, batting cage, full gym, and 70,000-gallon infinity edge swimming pool.

Both Betsy and Katherine are huge fans of the foyer, which is complete with a double grand staircase – perfect for taking prom photos. However, they both agreed they expected more of the living room, even though it still resembles a hotel lobby. Diamonds and gold would have been a welcomed addition.

The formal living room gave our editors major presidential vibes; Katherine even pictured herself making very important calls from the sophisticated room. But, Betsy wasn’t sure if she could ever truly feel at home in the Tyler Perry mansion because of its elegant accessories.

The kitchen raised serious concerns for the Southern Living editors; the massive size of the room isn’t ideal. In fact, it would be quite difficult to move food from the sink to the stove; you may need to factor that in to the recipe time. The game room was a major highlight. It only took Betsy and Katherine moments to imagine their 7th-grade-selves hosting spectacular slumber parties complete with delicious snacks and a movie in the theatre.

The best part of the Tyler Perry mansion is the enormous infinity swimming pool. We’d like to kick back with a Southern cocktail and take in the Georgia views.