Meet the Rolls-Royce of laundry detergents.
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As a kid, I imagined that my adult self would indulge in all kinds of luxuries: room service at swanky hotels; endless movie rentals; and cinnamon-sugar pretzels from the mall for dinner whenever I wanted. How disappointed my 11-year-old self must be to learn that my favorite indulgence as an adult is not a soft pretzel from the mall, but rather, a bottle of laundry detergent.

Now, in defense of my adult self, this detergent is not your ordinary sudsy solution. It's Tyler's Glamorous Wash—the Rolls-Royce of laundry detergents. I first learned about it from a friend who has a penchant for the finer things. We were out to dinner (remember when we used to be able to do that?), and I asked her what perfume she was wearing. "Oh, it's not perfume," she'd said. "That's my detergent."

Tyler Glamorous Wash Detergent
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At first, I balked at the price: $26 for a 32-ounce jug of detergent (compared to the $13 I spend on my 53.5-ounce-bottle of method detergent). But when you consider that Tyler Glamorous Wash is not meant to be your every-day laundry workhorse and rather a little luxury for your linens and delicates, the high-dollar pill is easier to swallow (BUY IT: $26;

Glamorous Wash comes in a number of scents, but I prefer "Diva" (I know, I know), which is advertised as "a warm and complex fragrance overflowing with delicious fruits and rich florals." I think it could also be fairly advertised as smelling "like a rich lady on vacation" or what Phyllis Nefler would have used to wash Troop Beverly Hills' uniforms.  

It only takes a small splash of the Texas-made detergent to give your sheets an aromatic boost: its fragrance is about as subtle as a Beverly Hills socialite in a sea of khaki-clad scouts, so those with more sensitive noses (like my allergy-plagued younger sister) may find it too overpowering.

But for the rest of us, the scent's strength and staying power are positives. I do a nightly sniff test, and about a week in, when my sheets stop smelling like I'm staying at a five-star resort, I wash them again—because when my linens smell this good, I don't even mind wrestling with the pesky fitted sheet.

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