A Tuft & Needle Mattress from Amazon Is the Reason I Sleep Like a Baby

It's been a blessing and a curse.

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Tuft and Needle Mattress
Photo: Amazon

When the time came to replace my mattress, I was riddled with anxiety. It's a big commitment. What if it didn't work out? Would I be destined for countless nights of tossing and turning until I finally got up the gumption to put that money-back guarantee to the test? And don't get me started on the mattress store. In an effort to avoid the storefront situation—as I decided avoiding that at all costs would be most advantageous—I decided to give direct-to-consumer mattress brand Tuft & Needle a try. The price was right and the reviews were glowing. In hindsight, it was a giant mistake. Now dragging myself out of bed each morning is like torture and my ridiculously comfortable mattress is the only thing to blame.

Tuft & Needle has small brand ideals but with the backing and financial muscle that comes from a major mattress brand (ever heard of Serta?). It was developed as a way to give consumers affordable mattresses that didn't sacrifice high quality materials. The result is a range of mattresses and now bedding that speaks to the consumer, giving them only what they need—namely a great night of sleep and at a good price.

The brand offers three mattresses for Amazon Prime purchase: T&N Original Mattress (starting at $315), Nod Mattress (starting at $319.95), and Nod Hybrid(starting at $461.94). They range from 10 inches to 12 inches in thickness, and all call on the brand's proprietary Adaptive foam. The brand-specific foam relieves pressure and offers support where you need it. It resists the eventual indentation that can arise when traditional memory foam heats up due to body heat transfer, instead providing the perfect amount of support, squish, and snuggle. (Disclaimer: Squish and snuggle are not technical terms.)

Another concern around foam-based mattresses tends to be heat. I like the feeling of sleeping on a cool mattress and was highly doubtful that I would get that with foam. Lucky for me, and countless others, Tuft & Needle had keeping cool at the forefront of their design development process. Each mattress features both cooling graphite and gel that pull heat away from the body—no retention.

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My husband and I are gearing up for a move in a couple weeks and, with the addition of an extra bedroom, another Tuft & Needle mattress is in our future. I'm just thankful that this time the anxiety level surrounding this sleep purchase will be nil. I'll be sleeping like a baby from here on out.

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