Owning a Home Near This Grocery Store Could Increase the Value of Your Home
Credit: Dan Dalton/Getty Images

There are plenty of minor tweaks, updates, and improvements that will increase the value of your home, including what colors you should paint your walls, front door, and rooms to ensure top-dollar sales. There are also plenty of mistakes to avoid if you want to sell successfully. We thought we'd heard all the realty tips and tricks of the moment, but it turns out there's one utterly unexpected characteristic with the potential to increase the value of your home, and you can see it clearly on Google Maps.

As it happens, owning a home near a certain beloved grocery store can positively affect the value of your home. According to ATTOM Data Solutions (and via and, homes located near—you guessed it—Trader Joe's have experienced, on average, a 5-year home price appreciation of 67%. (Added to the money you'll save by shopping at Trader Joe's, that's quite a boon for your wallet.)

And it's not just Trader Joe's. Homes near Whole Foods experienced 52% appreciation on average, and homes near fan-favorite ALDI averaged 51% appreciation. We've always appreciated Trader Joe's (and Whole Foods and ALDI), so it's nice to hear that the housing market does too.

Break out Google Maps and get your bearings. If you're near an established Trader Joe's—or one that's coming soon—you may benefit once it comes time to sell your home. Until then, being near these three stores (and TJ's in particular) makes the weekly grocery run so much more convenient. When your favorite roasted plantain chips, Speculoos Cookie Butter, and fresh produce are just around the corner, it's a win for you, your family, and (eventually) your real estate endeavors.

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Now that we have this information, we're wondering what the realty stats are on homes located near Publix, aren't you?