Make sure to get clarity before you sign on with any painters.
Team Painting Home
Credit: David Oliver/Getty Images

Painting your house on your own. It's simply not happening.

You've accepted it. You've boxed your Chip-and-Jo dreams of household DIY-topia. But before you hire professional painters, be sure to ask this one question: Does their estimate for painting your house include the cost of paint?

It may sound obvious, but as recently pointed out, the cost of paint itself isn't always built into the quote a paint company will give you—and that omission can add up. If the cost of paint is included, you'll also want to make sure the paint company plans on using high-quality paint, as cutting corners on this front now may cost you a lot more money down the line. Remember, when hiring a paint company that a little extra legwork can go a long way so always be sure to check references and request pictures of previous jobs.

Now, back to the fun part: Dreaming over what classic Southern paint color to use to upgrade your home's look. Charleston Green and Williamsburg Blue, how we love thee.

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Have you ever hired professional painters for your home? What's your best piece of advice to select the best crew to get the job done?