25 Tiny House Plans That Prove Bigger Isn't Always Better

Tiny house ideas are abundant, and it's easy to see why.

Deer Run SL house plan
Photo: Southern Living

It's safe to say the tiny house has a robust and invested following—Tiny house ideas have never been so abundant. Are you considering one for yourself? The pros are many—a simplified lifestyle, relief from the burden of maximalism, and not to mention there's less cleaning involved. And, let's face it. While a stately home is always a dream, it's not always practical or feasible. A tiny house? More so. And, lucky you, Southern Living has 25 tiny house floor plans for your consideration, whether you're an empty nester looking to downsize or someone wanting a cozy, custom lake house, mountain retreat, or beach bungalow.

Our tiny house blueprints, thoughtfully designed, bring a full throttle of Southern charm with their front (and sometimes back!) porches, stone fireplaces, and comfortable layouts. They may be small, but they aren't cramped. Explore these tiny house ideas, and who knows? You may find one you can't resist.

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Deer Run, Plan #731

Deer Run SL house plan
Southern Living

Cozy cabin living in 973 square feet? It's possible. At Deer Run, you'll find an open living room with a fireplace, plenty of windows, and French doors to the back porch. The upstairs features another full bathroom and a comfortable sleeping area for the occasional guest.

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Palmetto Cottage, Plan #2009

Palmetto Cottage
Southern Living

This Lowcountry cottage might be the definition of charming. With a vaulted entertaining space, an eat-in kitchen, and an inviting front porch, there's plenty of room to spend time with friends—even if it's just 656 square feet.

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Whiteside Cottage, Plan #1980

Whiteside Cottage
Southern Living

This cottage clocks in at just 430 square feet, but it still accommodates a bedroom, one full bath, and a tiny porch. The clapboard style helps it fit right into a peaceful clearing in the woods.

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Garden Cottage, Plan #1830

Garden Cottage
Southern Living

Simple living at its finest. This one-bedroom, one-bathroom cottage is a delightful retreat with a fireplace and covered front porch. Turn it into a weekend getaway or your new, permanent home.

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Bluebird Cottage, Plan #2026

Bluebird Cottage
Southern Living

This tiny house becomes a fantastic guest retreat on a larger property (it pairs particularly well with Oakland Hall) or as your own snug small home. The house features a bedroom and loft space, which can easily transform into a bedroom or sitting room, depending on your design.

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Beachside Bungalow, Plan #1117

Beach Bungalow
Southern Living

Dream of living on the beach? With this bungalow, all that's left for you to do is find the prime real estate location. Just imagine it: You, cocktail in hand, rocking on the front porch and looking at the sunset.

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Grayson Trail, Plan #988

Grayson Trail house plan
Southern Living

Front porch and back porch? Consider us sold. Plus, transform the loft area into an additional guest space or personal haven.

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Hilltop, Plan #728

Southern Living

If you're looking for a mountain getaway or lakeside retreat, consider the ever-so-winsome Hilltop tiny house plan. A rustic stone fireplace and railed porches provide the finishing touches. Catch us here stargazing on a warm summer evening and huddling around the fireplace in the winter, cocoa in hand.

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Shoreline Cottage, Plan #490

Shoreline Cottage
Southern Living

A contemporary take on the classic cottage, Shoreline is designed for those who appreciate a view. Tall windows enable you to look out into the surroundings, and the gabled roof, window seats, and porch create a welcoming ambiance. The loft, accessible by a ladder, serves as storage space or a reading nook.

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Weekender Cabin, Plan #156

Southern Living

If you want to rough it a little, this cabin is just for you. It's ideal as a sportsman's cabin or weekend hideaway. The tiny house, raised on piers, features board-and-batten siding, a stickwork fence, and a ship's wheel trim below the porch roof. Inside, you'll feel snug as a bug on a boat. The bed tucks into a window bay, and a wood stove sits in the living room so you can use the cabin all year.

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Hickory Cove, Plan #992

Southern Living

With a bit of Victorian influence, Hickory Cove charms us all with its steeply pitched roof, shutters, and planter boxes hanging from the windows. A relaxing side porch ensures room for entertaining, while the spare room allows you to host a guest or two.

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The Ozarks, Plan #730

Southern Living

This country cottage is a comfy mountain hideaway—from the back porch that beckons you to sit awhile to the fireplace and spacious living quarters. You might want to spend all your time here—not only on weekends.

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Heaven's Door, Plan #732

Southern Living

A stacked-stone fireplace and Gothic windows are just two touches that help this tiny house live up to its name. The plan is also available in two variations, with one offering a more prominent front porch. You can't say no to that!

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Cypress View, Plan #735

Southern Living

Are you looking for a tiny mountain house, lakeside cabin, or beach hideaway? Look no further. With the choice of a screened porch, you can extend the living space and maximize the enjoyment of a lovely view. Exposed board-and-batten and stacked stone give the home a rustic feel, while you can select lap siding and brick to your taste.

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Oak Creek, Plan #737

Southern Living

With a front and back porch, this little cabin gives you plenty of space for lounging around with sweet tea and a book in hand. Inside, you have a large living area accommodating cooking, eating, and lounging spaces, plus a snug bedroom.

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Gin Creek, Plan #738

Southern Living

At one and a half stories and the ideal mix of charm, comfort, and tradition, Gin Creek makes a compact—but no less stylish—mountain retreat or lake house. The generous, covered front porch invites all to stop for a nap on a lazy afternoon, and the interior accommodates a living and dining area, the kitchen tucked behind the stairs.

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Eagle's Nest, Plan #739

Southern Living

With Gothic touches and a steeply pitched roof, Eagle's Nest provides ample living space on both the main floor and the loft, which fits a bedroom and bathroom. The back porch has ample room to accommodate a picnic or dining table, and if you fancy, you can also hang a hammock.

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Crooked Creek, Plan #740

Southern Living

If we could only choose one word to describe Crooked Creek, it would be timeless. Crooked Creek is a fun house plan for retirees, first-time home buyers, or vacation home buyers with a steeply pitched, shingled roof, cozy fireplace, and generous main floor.

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Little Red, Plan #742

Southern Living

You'll love Little Red's board-and-batten construction and post-and-rail detailing if you love the old-fashioned, hand-crafted feel. It brings the nostalgia of a primitive log cabin but doesn't disappoint in the comforts. Little House on the Prairie, here you come.

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Greer Lane, Plan #1024

Greer Lane
Southern Living

Greer Lane has signature Southern charm with its generous front porch, beautiful windows, and cheerful shutters. Colonial columns add a touch of grandeur, and you can hang some planters for an extra spot of greenery.

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Beach Bungalow, Plan #243

Beach Bungalow
Southern Living

Whether on a beach or a lake, this tiny house can pack it away. Inviting a friend or two to tag along for the weekend is feasible with two bedrooms. Spend lazy summer evenings lounging on the ample front porch or sitting on the raised piers, drinks in hand, feet swinging

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Idea House at Fontanel Bunkie, Plan #1857

Idea House at Fontanel Bunkie
Southern Living

This diminutive cottage has everything you need to create a delightful guest house or extremely tiny home at just over 315 square feet. Walk up the front steps, past the porch (which accommodates a rocking chair or two), and enter the guest suite. The kitchen and bathroom sit at the end of the home, neat and compact.

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The Smokey Creek, Plan #729

Southern Living

Escape into a forest hideaway in this tiny house, with a screened porch for warm-weather enjoyment and a wood stove and central fireplace on chilly nights.

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Lake Haven, Plan #609

Southern Living

If you want your own cabin in the woods, look no further. We're in love with this inviting front porch which leads right into the spacious living room. A dining area tucks itself right by the kitchen, while a sleeping loft makes space for a guest to spend the weekend.

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Boathouse & Bunkhouse, Plan #049

Boathouse and Bunkhouse
Southern Living

From the boathouse to the bunkhouse, this tiny house plan features windows on every wall, allowing an abundance of natural light to open up the space. Boathouse accents include the metal roof, exposed rafter tails, shuttered windows, and wood siding. While it works as a boathouse, it'll become your favorite bunkhouse with these modifications.

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