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Tineco Pure One X Cordless Smart Vacuum
Credit: Tineco

There is no corner in my house that I haven't painstakingly vacuumed nearly every day since moving in last summer—don't be fooled, it was the same situation at our last house too. My kids, husband, and even the dog know to steer clear when Mama gets out the vacuum's crevice tool. I'm prone to allergies but, in truth, it's really because I just like cleaning—truly. My husband describes it as "having no chill." I call it a heart-pumping good time. And, when I find a new tool that makes my cleaning rituals that much more enjoyable, then it really becomes a party. Meet this season's guest of honor: Tineco's super light Pure One X Cordless Smart Vacuum. (BUY: $229;

First of all, let's break down the smart feature. Smart capabilities on a vacuum aren't exactly high on my list of priorities—call me old-fashioned. But here it's pretty useful. It allows the vacuum to adjust suction power when debris is detected and give you the all-clear with a blinking blue ring on the top of the tool when it has been eliminated. It can detect invisible pet dander, dust, pollen, and more and amps up the power in response. No more giving the couch a once-over just to find it's still covered in pet fur.

I already have both a handheld vacuum (that I love) and a stick vacuum (that I also love), but the Tineco combines the two into one lightweight cordless tool clocking in under three pounds that stores and charges on a wall-mounted dock. All this and up to a 70 minute run time—more than double that of my other handheld. As someone who looks to extend her cleaning time out of pure enjoyment, I can't underestimate the benefit of an hour-plus suction.

Switching between the stick-vacuum and handheld is as easy as removing the extender and attaching one of the five included nozzles: an LED Multi-tasker power brush, a mini power brush, a crevice tool, a pre-filter cleaning tool, and a 2-in-1 dusting brush. I love the dusting brush for cleaning all those high and hard-to-reach areas (hello, air registers and door frames), but the crevice tool really speaks to me. I attach it to the extender, and I don't have to waddle-squat around my entire house for the sake of crumb-less, furless corners. That, and I don't get a tired index finger holding down the trigger thanks to a lock mode that keeps the pedal to the metal.

An important note to my fellow allergy sufferers: This baby's got a 4-stage filtration system, which just means it traps and seals dirt so it doesn't continue wafting through the air as you clean. If you've ever noticed your vacuum putting off a dusty smell, the filtration system is probably to blame.

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Now, if you're anything like me and have compulsive cleaning habits that require covert action in order to not draw the attention of judgmental family members each time you fire up the ole vacuum, the ultra-quiet hum isn't a feature that should be swept under the rug. This thing will keep your cleaning habit on the down low—your secret is safe with us.